Females Driving The City: An Ode To Woman Power

They are truly by women and for women. As more and more women get ready to take over age-defined zones that have till now been only male-dominated, here are the fearless ladies who are zipping through the city lanes in style, with confidence and with a kick and punch to throw in for those who are not sensible enough to respect the woman power yet.

hero3Yes, I’m we are talking about female cab drivers who are slowly and steadily becoming a more common feature on our roads now. In Mumbai, the first few truly female-dedicated cab services that have appreciated and understood these needs are Viiracabs and Priyadarshini Taxi Service, cab services that consist of an only-female staff of drivers. Clad in pinks and blues, these ladies have already started proving wrong the age-old saying that males so happily like to share – women are bad drivers.

Above pic…female drivers from Viira Cabs.

As if only to prove them wrong, these strong women have taken it upon themselves to make sure they are completely aware of directions and all areas in the city. They are young, smart and fit, polite and alert, and equipped to take out even the strongest of male offenders. With such powerful women driving you through the town at any given hour of the day or night, chances are that very soon, no woman will feel unsafe on the roads.

290x200xpts.jpg.pagespeed.ic.foncL6fVV3While Mumbai has a strength of 40,000 male cabbies, the women drivers of both these companies combined together make up about 45 in number. But that’s increasing soon, as more and more females have registered for the training and are readying to don their uniform. Some of these women do have stories of horror and harassment to recount, but they admit the training came in handy and they were able to ward off all male offenders and protect themselves as well as their female passengers.

Pic of female drivers from Priyadarshini Taxi Service

‘It’s my job to provide safety to my passengers and I’m always prepared.’

‘I ensure that the doors of my cab are properly locked and glasses rolled up during late-night journeys. I don’t stop anywhere en-route even if someone signals me to.’

‘I decided to opt for this profession despite it being male-dominated. I feel more women should join the trade as there is a need to provide exclusive cabs for women’s safety.’

‘My (women) passengers tell me of nightmarish experiences traveling in cabs driven by unscrupulous drivers during the night. They thank me for being there and this gives me great satisfaction.’

One of the female drivers was abused and beaten up by a driver of a cab service at the airport last year but she was not intimidated and got him arrested. After that male drivers have started maintaining a distance and do not mess with their women colleagues.

‘At present several women are being trained.’

‘Because there are women cabbies at the airport, I can book tickets for late-night flights or those leaving early morning.’

Who said knights in shining armour necessarily have to be women??!!! A big round of applause to these ladies who have proved that yes, when it comes to a show of power, women can be equal, if not better, than men!

*With inputs from Times of India


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  1. Salute to womenhood

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