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Last week, mum Malleswari Vemula, who has been a regular customer of FirstCry for the past 2 years, wrote in to us with a special request. Her baby son was born premature and had some complications during birth, because of which, his milestones started getting a bit delayed. At the moment, her son takes the support of rehabilitation units and it seems to be really helping him. She is happy with the way her son’s progress is happening, and wanted to know if there were any other mums or their friends out there whose kids are/did take treatments from any rehabilitation units.

Mom-and-baby-in-perfect-balanceWhile we did put this up on our SOS Mom forum, we realised information on this subject is not very readily available. First, let’s share what other parents had to say about personal experiences of having a premature baby:

Mum Papori Sarma Phukan: I’m not sure what is meant by rehabilitation treatment. My son was born in the 7th month and weighed only 1kg and 700gms. He was on oxygen for the first 3 days along with drip for more than a week, and was in an incubator for 2 weeks. During those weeks he developed jaundice. It was quite difficult feeding him as he wasn’t able to suckle. I had to feed him every 2 hours, sometimes even waking him up from his sleep. On the 3rd week we brought him home, but with strict instructions from the doctor to maintain a very warm temperature in the room where baby would be. We also had to administer a variety of medicines, especially vitamins, since our baby was very weak. The growth process of a pre-term child is slower than a normal child, but that does not mean that baby will be lacking. As the baby grows, he/she catches up with growth and development. My son is now 3 years old and doing pretty well, as a normal, full-term child should.

Mum Arpita Mondal: My daughter was born at the last week of the 6th month of my pregnancy. She weighed just 1kg and 500gms. It was a very crucial stage and she was kept in the ICU on oxygen and drip, and also under heat in the incubator for 10 days. Now she is 16 months, quite healthy and fit and her development is normal like any other baby born at full time.

Mum Anaa Elley: If the problem is of delayed milestones, it is best to consult a pediatrician ASAP! Delayed milestones may point towards a serious underlying condition. Sorry, I don’t mean to scare you but being sure about your child’s condition is very important. Sometimes, a child’s milestones may be a bit delayed, but it’s best to consult a pediatrician and then resume your rehabilitation program.

Chinnu’s Crafts: Rehabilitation is a safe and promising process. I’m a therapist myself and hence completely believe in the procedures followed by any rehabilitation therapist.Rehabilitation in simple means assisting the child/baby to gain his/her skills normally. In these cases the children need extra assistance to gain their natural skills. The reason rehabilitation begins early – we believe the first three years of a child’s life is a golden period for learning and hence any skills taught/trained within this period is for a life time. Hence kindly believe in your therapists, follow their advice strictly and seriously, kindly keep up with your appointments with the therapist and don’t forget to practice at home. Last but not least, progress (or results) of rehabilitation takes a while before it can be seen and appreciated.

First off, we would like to thank all mums here who shared their personal experiences with us. After listening to the other mums on our SOS Mum forum, we got back in touch with Mum Malleswari Vemula to understand better how she was using the treatment for her child and what it really means. Let’s hear as she explains a bit more about the entire concept of rehabilitation treatment that is working so well for her son.

I truly appreciate the efforts of FirstCry and all other mums who took out time to respond. But to be frank, by seeing the responses we got for my query, I can say that most of us are not aware of the rehabilitation centres. Rehab therapy refers to the therapeutic, healing treatment a patient receives after an illness or injury. Early childhood intervention is a support system for children with developmental disabilities or delays, and their families.

The mission of Early Childhood Intervention is to assure that families who have children aged birth to three, with diagnosed disabilities, developmental delays or substantial risk of significant delays receive resources and support that assists them in maximizing their child’s development while respecting the diversity of families and communities. My son faced many complications during his birth time due to the delay in my delivery. We are getting therapy for him but thought of sharing this with you all too so that I can meet moms like me where we can exchange our feelings, thoughts and the better things if I need to learn anything. The responses I got for my question sadly don’t relate to me. But still I thank you and everyone who responded. If you need any other details just get back to me. I will try to share my knowledge which I have and I’l be so glad to meet the moms like me if there are any just like me. Truly thanks for everything. And I appreciate your honesty in maintaining these types of issue with the intention of helping others rather than maintaining it for a name sake. I felt happy as you got back to me…. Thanks once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Loved the post, this is all the more important coz there is not enough information on this topic available.

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