A Love Poem For Your Baby: Mum Isha Bansal’s Poem For Son Vibhore

The boy who loved me the most, 
Who cant even manage without me for a second, 
who smile when he see me, 
I wanna share my whole life with him,
I am the world for him and he is the world to me, 
… He eats if I ask him to eat, 
He drinks if I ask him to drink, 
He loved all my recipes no matter how yuk it is, 
who sleeps with me, 
He never minds my shoppin time,
He just want to be with me in any case,
He loves my singing no matter how it is,
who wakes with me, 
Who bath with me, 
he is the most special gift from God to me, 
We share lots and lots of kisses day and night, 
He feels happy with me,
Just perfect, 
I can live 1000’s of life for him , 
my love… I love him a lot.. 
He is of 10 months today… I love you Vibhore…. Love you beta…. You are my everything….


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