A Love Letter For Your Baby: Mum Babitha Chandrabose’s Poem For Her Baby

A Poem For My Little princess Avantikaa

Those wonderful moments…babitha
The day you were born
The moment I had you in my arms
The moment I saw your cute face
The moment I touched your soft skin
The moment I kissed your lovely cheeks
You were gazing at me with your sparkling eyes!!
I whispered slowly in your ears
“Baby, I am blessed to have you”

The moment I felt so proud,
A feeling beyond words!!
The moment you took your first step..
Your lovely toddling, holding my fingers,
I held you with utmost care,
Without letting anything harm you .
I cherish every moment I have with you,
You made me feel so special every day.
As every day begins with your beautiful smile,
It feels so wonderful to see your lovely face.
My world has become heaven.
You brought happiness to our family.
You’re dad’s princess and mom’s precious,
Grandma’s prettiest and grandpa’s endeared,
Aunt’s favourite and uncle’s dearest,
For the family, the loveliest cutest angel!!!
I love you so much, my baby.
Thank you God for this lovely gift,
You are the proudest possession I ever have!!

Your Loving Mom


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