Tips To Increase Baby’s Slow Hair Growth: SOS Moms Reply

Last week mum Afra Maryam asked mums to help out with a problem about her daughter. She said ‘My daughter is 2 years old but she has very slow hair growth on her head.’


Here’s what the parents replied through our SOS Mom forum:

  1. Get the hair shaved once or twice to increase growth
  2. Apply almond oil on baby’s head
  3. Comb baby’s head with a soft hair brush twice a day to improve blood circulation and increase growth
  4. Make sure baby is having a healthy balanced diet. For hair, a diet consisting of protein and Vitamin D is very important. Give your baby walnuts, carrots, sweet potatoes, Salmon fish, pumpkin, apricots, egg, spinach etc. These contain a lot of nutrition that will aid hair growth. T
  5. Take 4-5 pepper seeds and a few grains of rice. Put them in coconut oil and heat the entire mix. Keep it aside to cool and then apply on baby’s head.
  6. Amla oil or if baby can eat amla is great for hair.
  7. Massaging the head with mustard oil will enhance hair growth.
  8. Ayurvedic hair oils containing Mahabhringraj are great to boost hair growth.
  9. Massage hair with coconut oil.
  10. Give baby 2-3 almonds a day to eat.
  11. If you are using baby shampoo, stop it for a few days and use a baby soap and vice versa. You may notice some change.
  12. Change baby’s shampoo and apply oil every alternate day. Try and apply warm oil.
  13. Apply olive oil on the scalp.
  14. Apply castor oil on scalp.
  15. Include dates in baby’s diet.
  16. Mix castor and coconut oil together and apply every night on baby’s scalp.
  17. Use Mahabhringraj oil mixed with neem oil in equal proportions. Massage baby’s head every alternate day.
  18. Give a good diet rich in Vitamin E and B12.

Special thanks to parents:

Monica Guleria Makhija, Deep Brinderjeet Saini, Merundha Dalbot Shira, Grace Raji, Renuka Suradeep Nath, Namrata Samel Dixit, Akshaya Sampathkumar, Deepshikha Bansal, Ruchi Mandawara, Monica Raheja Dasgupta, Shehnaz Peter, Sheetal Goel, Meghna RajeMahadik, Anika Talwar, Sandhya Agarwal, Puja Chopra, Amita Tripathi, Kinjal Vishal Shah, Nivi Suraj, Pooja Ummat Malik, Shama Desai, Neha Hemant Lalwani, Yadnya Desai


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