A Poem For Your Baby: Mum Vaishnavi Sanoj’s Ode To Her Son

Mum Vaishnavi Sanoj dedicates this beautiful ode to her son….

imagesWhen you were in my womb

I thought a life inside

What soul is it? Where from?

Destined to be born.

As heir of our own.

I prayed for the well-being

of you, the unknown.

In the deepest of my sleep, I remember

I sat up and laid the other side

so that no chords will harm you

as you glide inside.

When I was in labour room

I thought of nothing but

the pain, drinking down my vein

and as you were born

I put my cheek on yours

and I wondered where flew the pain.

My first day with you

I don’t know if I loved you

But despite a fatigue of life time

my eyes awoke from time to time

and never did they bother to rest

in slightest of your distress.

Then a sleepless month with you.

Soiled clothes and wet diapers

Ironically, exceptional hygiene too

And endless visitors in queue.

Happy as you giggled more

Happy to see you play more

Happy as you looked into my eyes

one fine morning before sun rise

The bond of love

thus did grow

and so did

your tiny limbs and brow.

Contended I felt

as your shirts were outgrown

blissful when you smiled

and let that white stream flow.

Your laughter became

the beautiful rhymes I ever heard

Your eyes were the

brightest star I ever saw.

You spill the water

from your bottle all the way

I get angry

and snatch it away.

With a mischievous smile

and innocent eyes

you manage to get the bottle once more

and play the same game again.

I get annoyed twice and thrice

but finally could not help laughing.

For this was the thief

who tired Yashodha too.

Son, will you be my sight

as my eyes deceive

or will you be chased away by life

and leave me alone,

alike, that mighty mother.

Whatever be, you are a human

wise, tranquil and lovely by the good

May god fill you with

a tinge of his grace

for that is all needed

to win the race.



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