A Poem For Your Baby: Mum Jyothsna Manish Jain’s Poem For Her Baby

Mum Jyothsna Manish Jain expresses her love for her soon-to-be-born baby through these beautiful lines…..


You have come into my womb

I feel very heavy, but when you move

I’m on top of the world

You are angel of my life,

never experienced such happiness

I love you more than I can love anyone

I haven’t seen you but still I feel you

I’m eager to see you

Have no patience

Can’t wait for these 40 days…


One response

  1. Amazing poem! I am a mother to 7 month old baby girl and have experienced whatever you have written. I still miss those movements inside the womb. Those are really special, isnt it?
    Take care. Eat healthy! Stay happy, think happy. Do share the result 🙂

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