Documenting Baby’s Special Moments: Celebrating The Month of Love

0214-newborn-baby-photographerWhile the whole world is out there celebrating the month of love with that special someone, we here at are telling you how you can share this special month with the new love of your life – your baby!!!! (Image courtesy

Of course you and your partner need to be tuned together and share that spark from time to time..who said being parents can’t mean that you can be a couple too? We’ll definitely come back to that later 🙂 But for now, and for this post, we tell you about all the fun ways you can use to capture those fun moments of baby’s first year, or even the first few years, and showcase them around the house in ways that will cheer up each day of your life! And if you have more ideas and suggestions, don’t forget to tell us about it here in the comments!

1. The Bump: You’ll probably be clicking yourself before baby finally arrives – mums, it’s actually quite special and magical to capture that bump in your lens forever, later when you look at it, you’ll see how much you smile. The weeks leading up to your delivery are a great time to capture this magical moment…as your little one is nestled safely within you and as you glow with that love for the coming-one, it’s a great time to capture and keep with you forever. Include your partner in the frame to make the moment even more special and magical.

newborn-photography-melbourne-52. The First Look: Every parent does it and so will you! Just remember that while you have packed everything you’ll need for the hospital, a few days before you are due to check in to the hospital, or a few days before your due date, keep the camera ready and make sure the batteries are charged up! And yes, don’t forget to show your partner where you’re keeping the cam, so that he can grab it and run for THE shot! It’s one of the most anticipated moments in any parent’s life, and as you click that newly-arrived angel, remember to keep the flash off. (Image courtesy

img_quick-baby_ss23. Scrap Book Moments: If you haven’t yet got one, this is the time to get a baby scrapbook! As a new mum or parent, it may not always be possible for you to sit down and jot down many notes, but one thing we can assure you is that you’ll be taking lots and lots of baby pictures, and using them here is a fun way to use the many pics you and your partner click. (Image courtesy

02-4. Baby Documenting Book: As we were saying earlier, one of the most fun part of parenthood is documenting your baby’s special moments, and for this, there’s nothing more easy and cute than a baby documenting book, something that’s more like a scrapbook, but has easy to jot down spaces that require just a few moments to fill in. As a new parent you’ll constantly be on your toes. But jotting down things like the day baby first took a bath at home, baby first smiled, baby went on an outing and other special moments are a great way to document your little one’s ‘specials.’(Image courtesy

Kids and baby photo album 0105. Baby Album: Include lots of pictures of other family members, of you and your partner before you were pregnant, your pregnancy pictures, pictures of grandparents, maybe your sonography pics when you saw baby for the first time, pictures of older siblings and cousins, pets and others who will become an important part of baby’s life! (Image courtesy

main6. Using Props: Every parent photographs their baby, and you will be doing it too. But if you want to make it more fun and innovative, try and use some interesting and fun props that you can find in your home! (Image courtesy

i-heart-faces-baby-growth-month-by-month-Letter-B-389x8007. Showing baby’s growing months through the lens: We absolutely loved this idea of photographing baby in the same background and on the same furniture, possibly dressed in similar clothes (here the babies are dressed in diapers). Using the same background and same furniture will further highlight how your baby has been growing through the months. Its absolutely amazing how the collage showcases the exact changes in the babies, don’t you think? We found this amazing picture idea on

MediaViewer_A8. Baby One-Year Clock: There’s a lot of fun ways you can use the baby pictures that you keep clicking through the years. Why not get a clock that also has space for putting baby’s pictures? A year-round picture collection that not only tells the time, but also shows you how baby is growing up!  (Image courtesy

02_black-and-white-newborn-photography9. Family Photo Shoot: You may not think this is important, but getting your family in a professional photo shoot is actually a great way to capture those special moments and that special magic that sometimes, we, as amateurs, cannot capture. (Image courtesy

San_Francisco_Bay_Area_newbrn_feet_photography_session_210.Tips And Toes:  As parents we all marvel at those little fingers and toes, don’t we? So why not capture these tiny treats on the lens too? To emphasise how tiny your angel is compared to you, it’s a fun way to include you and your partner in the pic as well, and other siblings too. It will be quite fun going through these pictures later, and your baby will laugh out loud in later years on seeing these! (Image courtesy


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