Potty Training Your Baby: SOS Moms Reply!

Baby-Potty-SeatLast week, mum Shveta Kapoor asked ‘How do I potty train my 03-year old baby?’ We got a host of replies and suggestions from moms who have tried this with their babies, and here’s a list of the many ways you can try to ease your baby for the potty-training phase….all the best!

  • If there are fixed timings or if you are aware of your baby’s signals for potty time, you can immediately keep the potty seat ready and make baby sit on it. For using just the toilet (peeing), you can take baby to the toilet every hour and make them pee. Mum Namrata Samel Dixit started doing this for her daughter when she was 09 months old.
  • Make baby sit on the potty seat every morning and eventually this will become a routine for baby. Try and make baby sit on the potty seat a few times. Gradually, as you come to know about the time of the day when baby will surely need to use the seat, you can make baby sit. Mum Devangi Khandelwal started making her 11 month old baby use the potty seat.
  • For little older babies, you can get the detachable baby seats that can be used on a regular toilet seat and make them sit there. Let your baby understand that mamma papa also use the seat and its a daily habit. Gradually, baby will start using the seat with less fear and more regularity.
  • Every time your baby soils the diaper/pants, tell them that they should tell you about it and not do in their dress. Slowly, baby will get in the habit of telling you beforehand.
  • Make it a habit to take baby to the washroom before bedtime each night. Also, wake them in the middle of sleep once and make them sit on the seat so that they don’t wet the bed.
  • Try and get rid of the diaper first, then let them get used to the idea of the potty seat and finally, get them into the routine of using a potty seat or baby seat in the loo. Keep repeating these steps and telling baby that this is how grown ups and mamma papa do it. Do this each day and soon baby will fall into habit.
  • You can try and make your baby sit on the potty seat as soon as they learn to sit up. Mum Shivani Roach Thakur started making her daughter sit on the potty seat as soon as she was 04 months old! Her daughter, who is now 10 months old, is almost fully trained!
  • Since this is a new and possibly scary experience for the little ones, you can start by training them for toilet, and as they become comfortable with the idea, then potty too. Guide your toddler to sit on the potty seat for toilet breaks as soon as they are able to sit up, but make sure you hold them still. Once they are comfortable and there is no fear of the potty seat, train them for potty too. This will help them for playschool as well.
  • One of the best ways to know that your baby is ready for potty training is when they start waking up dry in the mornings. As soon as they wake up, take them to the loo and let them use the seat.
  • If your baby is scared of sitting on the toilet seat, place a baby stool under their feet that helps them balance even as they sit on a grown up loo with a baby seat. Many times, the fear of falling dissuades babies from trying it out.
  • Try and make your baby sit on the potty seat at a fixed time each morning. Baby will not like this at first, but don’t scold or force. Cajole and talk to them slowly and try it out daily. Gradually, this will become a habit and baby will start sitting at the same time, even if it takes time.
  • Babies will go when they are ready. Every child is different. Once they are able to do it the first time successfully, they will gradually become keen on doing it the next time.
  • Whenever you give your baby some liquid to drink, take them to the loo 15 minutes after they have finished. This way they will start learning about the potty seat for pee breaks, and you can gradually train them for potty.
  • Initially, start by teaching them the words ‘pee’ and ‘poop’ and removing your baby’s diaper in the day. Keep the potty seat close by, at a fixed place where baby can be sure to see it and keep telling your baby that that is where they should pee. If baby is too small, keep repeating the word ‘pee’ and pointing to the seat. This will show baby that the seat is where baby needs to pee. Also, make sure baby wears loose pants so that it’s easy to remove. Once baby gets comfortable, you can start potty training too. And as this becomes a habit, you can slowly shift baby to the toilet seat. Avoid putting diapers when babies are at home. Mum Harsha Rajiv trained her daughter when she was 2-n-half years old.
  • Feed your baby in the morning as soon as they wake up and then take them to the toilet. Let them sit on the seat and talk to them to keep them sitting. Do this everyday, even if baby does not pass urine or potty. Gradually this will become a habit and baby will get a fixed time to use the loo.
  • Be there with your baby when you make them sit on the seat. Talk to them, praise them that they are doing a grown-up thing and make them feel good about it. Make them take pee breaks at regular intervals.
  • Choose a potty seat that has baby’s favourite colours and maybe even sounds. Make it a fun thing for your baby, not one that baby starts to fear.

Special thanks to:

Namrata Samel Dixit, Devangi Khandelwal, Leena Kakani, Priya Candida, Laura Visirin, Shivani Roach Thakur, Abha Dutt Sharma, Hema Canchi Jauhari, Sajeda Mewawala, Jyothi Potturi, Amrita Banerjee Bagchi, Nancy Denola Khan, Harsha Rajiv, Geetika Jain, Renu Sukhlecha, Preeti Arora Dubey, Shama Desai


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