When Is The Right Time To Start Baby’s Brushing? SOS Moms Help!

adsensegoogles-2113967Last week on our SOS Mom forum, mum Shilpi Agarwal, who has a 1 year 8 month old baby boy Dhairya, asked us what’s the right age for a baby to start brushing? Mums n dads on our SOS Mom forum have sent in these suggestions….The advice, suggestions and ideas may be a little confusing about the exact age and time, so we would like to suggest you have a word with your baby’s doctor once to clear any doubts.

  • Around 8-9 months when the gums start to harden
  • Doctors suggest that brushing should start in babies who are 2.5 years old or above.
  • 1 year
  • You can lightly brush baby’s teeth with water. Sometimes the food tends to smell or discolour the teeth. You can use a pinch of salt to brush as it is safe for the child to swallow as they don’t know how to spit out the brushed water till about 2.5 years to 3 years.
  • Start brushing with a soft finger brush as soon as baby’s first tooth appears
  • Says mum Minu Sharma – I have been cleaning her gums since birth. I first started with Pigeon Silicon thumb which is available online on FirstCry.com. I used it till she was about 5 months old and then I bought her first toothbrush.
  • Mum Shrish Rathore’s son is 1.5 years old . She started brushing his teeth 2 months earlier.
  • Use a toddler brush and a toothpaste that’s safe even if baby swallows.
  • You can start cleaning baby’s gums when they start having grains and turmeric. Brush baby’s gums and teeth with a clean finger or clean cloth to gently rub baby’s gums while bathing. This is also good to soothe baby’s gums. For older babies, you can start brushing when baby’s first tooth comes out.
  • Start brushing baby’s teeth when the first tooth appears. Use a finger silicon brush and a toothpaste that is safe even if baby swallows, as these are especially made keeping in mind the fact that smaller babies are not able to spit out the paste. After a few more teeth appear you can use a soft toothbrush that is for young babies. Change the toothbrush every 1-2 months.
  • As soon as the first tooth appears you can start by gently rubbing your finger on the gums and tooth. During the initial stages you can easily give the toothpaste a miss. Gradually introduce baby to a soft brush and start massaging the teeth and gums with this, even without paste. Slowly start with a small amount of toothpaste.
  • While brushing, also try and clean baby’s tongue.
  • You can start cleaning baby’s gums even as early as the first month. Use a muslin cloth and introduce a silicon finger brush when the first teeth appear. If you are not comfortable with regular baby toothpastes you can also go for an ayurvedic one.
  • Clean your infant’s gums and tongue with a clean wash cloth or gauze after each feed. Don’t let your baby sleep with a milk bottle in the mouth. Always clean gums and teeth after each feed and before bed. A kid toothpaste can be used once your baby is 2 years old.

With thanks to our special SOS forum parents:

Pallavi Shanmugaraj, Ayesha Saini, Michelle Vas, Asma Shariff, Minu Sharma, Shrish Rathore, Sarah Singh, Abha Dutt Sharma, Meetal Sheth, Nishika Chopra, Kalpana B Chauhan, Renuka Suradeep Nath, Supriya Awasthi Tripathi, Akanksha Agrawal, Ankita Kottur Kulkarni, Kriti SG, Ruchi Rawat, Brindha Lodha.


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