Home Tips For Removing New Born’s Body Hair: SOS Mom

This week, mom Priyanka Kundra Kalra, who was recently blessed with a baby girl, wanted some suggestion about how to remove her baby’s soft body hair by massaging at home and other solutions. Here’s what the SOS Moms had to say:

  • pregnancy-baby-massage-how-toA simple and gentle massage at home with a baby oil can remove the soft body hair. You can do it twice a day, morning and evening.
  • Most babies are born with soft body hair that is called lanugo. This usually covers certain body parts like back, shoulders, ears and forehead and falls off during the first few weeks of birth, or in the next few months.
  • Make a paste of chandan powder, milk and a pinch of turmeric powder and before bath, apply on the areas where there is body hair. Remove the paste by rubbing gently.
  • Knead a dough – mix 2 spoons of wheat flour and a spoon of besan and roll it into a soft ball. Before bath, during massage time, rub or roll this ball of dough on baby’s body. Hair will slowly fall off.
  • While massaging, remember to not massage much over the spine area or press the area, as that area in a newborn is very delicate.
  • Massage baby with olive oil. Then make a paste by mixing milk cream (malai) and finely powdered red masoor dal. Use this paste to massage baby.
  • Make a paste of yellow mustard, badaam and turmeric and massage baby with it.
  • Take a piece of bread, dip it in unboiled milk and massage over baby’s body.

Mums and dads who helped with their suggestion and tips:

Vipul Nawre, Laura Visirn, Navjot Kaur, Roop Inder Mangat, Ridhi Ashish Abrol, Ketki Walanju Jayawant, Janhavi Kute, Naheeda Mir, Sanyukta Chowdhary, Kamalia Naik, Harsha Grover, Vijaya Lad, Aarti Vedpathak, Khushboo Mishra, Noopur Priya, Pooja Jaitly, Vishnu Priya, Navpreet Kaur, Swati Pandoi Mehra, Neetu Kundra Tripathi

In the end, the verdict that came out loud and clear is that most babies are born with a lot of body hair and its absolutely normal. Many babies will naturally shed off the hair during the first few weeks, while some may take a few more months for the body hair to fall off. Some babies may even retain the body hair. But that’s not to worry about. As long as your little one is healthy and happy, moms, you should be happy too 🙂

Massaging a baby is always a great way to strengthen the limbs and help baby grow. So do keep massaging your little one, as it also may help remove the extra body hair. And remember, massaging is a great time for bonding with baby! So have fun mums 🙂


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  1. Thanks.. helpful post.. like the various options suggested..

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