Home Remedies For Baby’s Runny Nose: SOS Mom

This week, mum Aamrin Khan asked all the SOS Moms out there for help with her baby. She wrote, ‘Need help, my baby is having running nose and cough. Can you suggest any home remedies?’


Our mommies wrote in with lots of simple, practical and good advice, have a look:

  1. Warm some camphor oil and coconut oil and apply it all over baby’s body every night.
  2. Give Jaifal with one spoon of milk.
  3. Give some steam to baby at home, as this will help remove the cold without medication.
  4. Heat some mustard oil with ajwain, garlic and heeng, put some camphor oil in it and massage this on baby’s body twice a day.
  5. Boil a glass of water, add a few tulsi leaves, mint leaves, ginger, little pepper and gur till water boils to leave only 3/4th of the original quantity. Let it cool and give this to baby every night.
  6. Take 2 leaves of adusla, a small pinch of ajwain, 3/4th of jesthmad, 1 behda in water. Boil it for 10 minutes, add honey and let it cool. Give the water to baby. All the ingredients are easily available in any ayurvedic shop. Also, apply some warm ghee on baby’s nose to help get the cold out.
  7. Add 1/4th tbsp turmeric powder, 1/4th tbsp ajwain and dates and boil all this with milk. Let it cool and give it to baby.
  8. Add honey, lime juice and cinnamon powder in lukewarm water. Let it cool and give baby in little quantities.
  9. Make a small potli (wrapped cloth) of roasted ajwain and heat it a little. Press it lightly on baby’s chest several times a day. This will help clear the cold.causes-of-runny-nose-in-children
  10. Ginger juice with honey should be heated a bit and given to baby on the tip of the tongue once it’s cooled.
  11. Heat half tbsp of honey and mix with a pinch of powder made of small elaichi, laung, big elaich and saunf.
  12. Instead of adding any sugar to baby’s milk, try adding gur (jaggery).
  13. Take a few spoons of ajwain seeds and flax seeds and put them in a cotton cloth and tie it. Rub the cloth on a hot tawa and check that the cloth is not too hot. Now press this warm cloth gently on baby’s chest and back.

Mums who helped with their suggestions:

Anu Roy, Neha Bansal Bhargava, Inderpreet Kaur, Ritu Srivastava, Patel Reena, Manali Brijesh, Kumkum Pandey, Khushi Yadav, Ammu Unni, Sanyukta Majumdar, Sangeeta Sonane, Vijaya Lad, Khan Zeenat, Nadia Sahar, Tanya Bhateja, Akhila Karthik, Kamal S Sandhu, Dr Anchal Singh, Mona Das, Sonal Chaurasia, Saba Samreen Khan, Papori Sarma Phukan-Aimon, Munmun Jain Goel, Farah Fairy, Amar Kaur, Rachna Shah, Harshita Yadav, Juhi Syed, Parul Gadia, Niranjana Gurru, Janhavi Kute, Namrata Samel Dixit,


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  1. Thnx a ton for this home made remedies

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