Shopping With My Little Fashionista: Mommy Daddy Tales

The Mommy-Daughter tale of Debolina Raja Gupta, mommy and best’est’ friend to 05-year-old Navya.

shoppingMy little princess is all of 5 now, but ever since she turned 2, she knew what ‘dressing up’ meant, and after her 3rd birthday, started knowing more of her wardrobe and get-up than probably me.

My house has already become a pink house, with her room done in pink, her pink wardrobe, her pink accessories, and I’m quite cheekily admitting it, I’ve kind of started non-hating pink too! The only other PINK I liked till now was the singer!

Babies today know much more than we give them credit for. My daughter walks into a store with me, already decided on what she wants, whether its going to be a skirt, or a frock, or a tee, or a dungaree, or Capri, or jeans, or shorts…she has it all pre-decided – of course it is a different matter altogether that she never really sticks to that list, we always have to try and trick her into not selecting too many outfits – a trick she is soon catching up on and outdoing us on.

On a typical day when we are going out, my daughter has her preferences on what she wants to wear. She usually gives me two-three options and I am free to choose for her, but sometimes she takes the upper hand and decides on her own. So once the dress has been selected, she will promptly decide what clips, hairbands, ribbons, rubberbands to wear and which socks and shoes will go with it.

stock-footage-mother-and-little-daughter-shopping-for-girls-clothes-in-a-clothing-store-looking-kids-underwearThere are endless days at home with my daughter when I have realised how aware she is about the concept of fashion. She is no fashion model, my little one, but she does have her taste in place. She knows what dress she wears at home and what dress she wears out, she knows the concept of matching, these days she is moving towards the concept of contrast, she has her likes and dislikes in place.

And yes, as a 5-year-old, she has also begun to tell me what to wear and what not, like if I am wearing something to go out in, she will tell me if she does not like it and promptly ask me to change.

It’s quite fun actually…and I’m loving this whole phase 🙂


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