Mum Joanna Biggs Talks About Why She Thinks Her Hubby Is The Best Daddy…

newborn-baby-photo-13You have loved him too much to spend the rest of your life with him. You have shared fun moments, you have had your pillow fights, you have shared the best experience of your life together – becoming a parent……

At FirstCry, we want to give a ALL you amazing mums a chance to nominate your spouse as the Best Daddy….you know he is the best partner you could have asked for…now tell us why you think he is THE BEST Daddy Ever!!!

Mum Joanna Biggs from England (who has now moved to New Delhi) tells us why she feels her hubby Maghin, is the BEST DADDY EVER….

My baby daughter Cary’s arrival has given me sooooo many Carys-and-her-daddy moments, but this picture, to me, says it all. maghin carys isle of wight

After a first, unhappy dip in the cold water off the coast of England, what better than to run to daddy for comfort and a cuddle?



Joanna Biggs
Mum to 16-month-old Carys”

What a lovely picture….check out Baby Carys’s look, the calm on being caressed by daddy, resting her head on her papa’s shoulder and knowing that all will be fine… Hats off to Maghin, the daddy nominated as the BEST DADDY by loving wife Joanna…

Here’s wishing the lovely family all the very best in life forever….

If you also want to tell us why you feel your hubby is THE BEST DADDY, visit our FaceBook page and share a picture and write in, or drop in a mail to us at


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