Is your baby facing gastric problem?


This week we had a concerned father, Asif Ali who needed some advice for his one month old daughter. His baby girl often faces gastric problems and becomes red faced when she cannot do potty.

Gastric is a common problem among babies but it is always advisable to show your child specialist first and take expert advice along with the home remedies that you should follow for your baby.

Once again, our special mommies on the page gave us their time to help Asif and many other mommys whose babies suffer from a similar problem.

Their suggestions and tips listed below:

  • Give your baby some warm water with sugar
  • Boils some coriander, saunf, jeera or ajwain in water and make your baby drink that water
  • Give your baby non-alcoholic gripe water twice daily it will help in digestion
  • Take some gira and water and boil it till it becomes reddish.  Make your baby to drink this liquid with sugar
  • Apply some heeng with luke warm water on the navel of the baby
  • It would be advisable for the mother to keep her diet light if the baby is on her feed
  • Honey / dry grapes with warm water
  • Give a warm mustard oil massage to your baby before sleep
  • Yogurt, apple, papaya, banana and butter will be good for the baby

A special thanks to all our special moms for their valuable suggestions:

Rehana Shameem, Shruti Maligi, Neha Kulkarni-Chavan, Priyanka Gupta, Murari Sharma, Rithu Reuben, Parul Jain, Sulagna Dutta, Mariya Vhora, Sadhana Rawat, Ami Thakkar Pamnani, Shubha Gizare, Himani Bansal, Divya Sundaram, Latika Warrier, Renjini Murali Krishnan, Priyanka Sengupta Datta, Sheetal Sharma, Ritu Sharma, Manvinder Sachdeva, Vineet Arora, Krishnaja Yugandhar, Sangita Kamlesh Kumar, Radhika Dhanrajani, Laura Visirin,  Neethu Mukundan,  Divya Shamir Easeph ,Deepthi Raghu, Nidhi Singhal Sangal, Prachi Patankar, Miky Kalani Hingu, Ammu Unni, Supriya Kotmire, Rachna Shah, Sudarsana Venugopal, Neha Maheshwari, Sapna Sharma, Veena Giri, Dipti Berad, Moumita Choudhury, Hemalatha Nadig, Tina Jain, Smita Goswami Chakraborty, Rekha Yadav, Pallavi Kocharekar Dabgotra and Shama Desai


2 responses

  1. What to do with the new born baby’s ?
    My son is 2 months old. Please suggest me what to do.

  2. Ideally one month old infant should not be given external food. Even if given should be given only after recommendation of a doctor. If the child is being breastfed ask mother to take a good diet including methi etc…

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