Detecting The Earliest Signs of Becoming A Mum: Helping You Know Best

Zink-5131Till now you’ve seen us talking to all the mommies, and sometimes, the daddies out there! You’ve seen us share their special moments, talk to them about important stuff, sharing information that we know may help them some way or the other.

But dear mommy-to-be, in this relationship that we have managed to build and nurture with so many amazing mums out there, there’s someone who is soon going to be quite ready to take a grand welcome, or maybe, you already are almost there! Didn’t really understand what we are talking about? Well, in that case, we are talking to YOU, the gorgeous and brave and beautiful woman out there who is thinking of beginning a family, or maybe trying to understand the sudden changes she is feeling in her own body. The woman who may or may not be aware that she may soon be on the mommy-express!

For most second-time mommies, it’s easier to detect the earliest signs of pregnancy, especially since they may have faced some/all of them earlier. But for those who are going to be mommies for the first time, it may not be so easy to spot. We always believe in the mantra that ‘Mommy Knows Best’, and yes, until a woman knows that she is about to become a mommy, she can’t do best what she may need to do for herself and for her ‘just-developing’ baby during those important early few days/weeks of pregnancy. To make you more aware of the first earliest signs of pregnancy, even before you have missed your period and thought of doing that preg-test at home, we wanted to share these signs that could be an announcement of the new beginning, the new you. All the best!

sleep-wellness1. Tiredness/Fatigue/ Dizziness: This is one of the earliest signs that your body will tell you. Forget going up the stairs, even a relaxed no-work day at home may make you feel as if you spent the last half hour running at the speed of 8 on the treadmill! Sudden fatigue, slight dizziness, wanting to suddenly sit down or feeling like lying down a lot when you generally don’t do, are signs that your body is going through some major hormone changes. This may well continue the entire first trimester, and get easier in the later months, though for some women it may continue the entire pregnancy.

flush2. Race To The Loo: Ifsuddenly you’re dashing to the loo, with pee-intervals becoming a more prominent part of the day, chances are, this could be it! Not everyone may experience a huge increase in the number of times you need to use the washroom, but if there is a marked increase, it could be a sign that your body has started producing extra fluids.

Nausea_2239866b3. Nausea: You may or may not feel this in the beginning. Some women experience nausea after the 6th week, while some may get it from Day 1! Also, this is not something that only happens in the morning, it could be any time of the day, even at night. Nausea should visibly reduce or completely disappear by the second trimester, though in some cases, it may continue longer.

woman-holding-nose-smell-590kb0809104. Strong Reaction To Smells: Suddenly the smell of certain foods may trigger a reaction. You may feel nausea, or you may start to feel uncomfortable.

stock-footage-beautiful-young-girl-resting-after-running-dolly-shot5. Lack of Breath:You suddenly feel extremely out of breath. The fetus needs oxygen to help it grow, so this means that you may feel breathless quite often, in many cases, throughout your pregnancy. Please immediately consult a doctor if it gets uncomfortable.

a_010610bodrib_01_06_2010_q_17kth1t-17kth1v6. Heaviness/Bloated Feeling: You feel like you’ve eaten too much and are feeling extremely bloated and puffy. The stomach seems too heavy all of a sudden and there’s an uncomfortable feeling inside.

yoga-lower-back-pain7. Pain In The Lower Back: Is one of the symptoms, though its not very common in most women during early pregnancy. Pain in the lower back will become more prominent as you advance in your months.

irritated-blonde-woman-at-computer8. Irritable: You really don’t want to deal with any noise, want to just relax, and even the smallest things are getting on your nerve. Basically, you can see for yourself that you’re unnaturally irritable and cranky! Hmmm…its a sign.

cramps9. Sudden Pain: If you have not yet missed your dates and are suddenly getting the cramps, get a little alert. Is it the a cramp in the lower abdomen that signals your arriving ‘days’ or is it a cramp in the uterus? For some women, this sign occurs in the very-early stages of pregnancy, even before you miss your dates. The uterus stretches to get ready for the pregnancy, and this may be one of the reasons for the cramps. Please visit a doctor.

10.Food-Issues: You may really want to eat something badly, and some things might completely put you off. If you suddenly see a change in your food preferences, like if you’re not a ‘sweet’ person but are suddenly craving for sweets, or, if you are a ‘sweets’ person but suddenly don’t want to do anything with sweets, it could be an early symptom.

bra11.Twin Signs:Your ‘assets’ are suddenly a little too reactive? Tender, sore and heavier? Get a comfortable, supporting ‘inner’ and yes, this could be one of the signs too, though most women will feel this a little later.

date12.Missing Dates: You generally don’t miss your periods and they arrive close to the scheduled date, but this time they are unusually late. Well, this is a sign that you could be pregnant, that your pregnancy is just building up. If you’ve missed your date by a week and are still not getting the date-signals, plus, if you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms too, a visit to the doc is scheduled right now!

positive-pregnancy-test213.Pregnancy Test @ Home:Most women do this the moment they miss their dates. If you get the positive result, there’s hardly any doubt left. But if you have missed your dates and the result still shows negative, it could be that the pregnancy is still in a very early stage and is not reflecting in the test. Sometimes, there may be a very faint second line in the test, which is not visible to the regular eye, but the doctor will surely detect it. This is a sign of a weak positive pregnancy, one that is only starting to turn into pregnancy. Please visit your doctor.

Take care, see your doctor and stay positive and happy! Good luck girls 🙂


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