Helping Baby Sleep Through The Night – SOS Mom Speak

sleep5This week, mum Sonal Chaurasia, mother of a 13-month old baby boy asked us to help her with her baby’s sleep problems. Her little one wakes up every night in the middle of his sleep and cries for about 20 minutes without opening his eyes. We asked our SOS Moms to help, and as always, there were a list of practical tips and advice that, we are sure, will help mum Sonal and any other mum who may be facing a similar situation.

  • When baby wakes up, give a little water or milk in a sippy.
  • It could be that baby is doing this out of habit – don’t give anything in the night, and very soon, baby may stop waking up in the middle.
  • Babies do experience colic in the night and evening. You can use a small spoon of mustard oil mixed with heeng, make it a little warm and then apply on baby’s tummy. Put a drop around the navel and massage slightly. This may soothe baby. Do this even when baby wakes up in the night.
  • Give baby a warm bath before bed time. Or you can also wipe baby with a warm damp towel before changing and getting in sleep clothes. Feed baby ever two hour, but in little quantities during sleep.
  • Try giving a pacifier or soother. Also, feed baby by lying down on your side while baby is asleep, as this can soothe baby.
  • Baby may cry due to some discomfort.
  • Check the room temperature, it shouldn’t be too warm or too cold.
  • Understand if baby is suffering from colic.
  • Make sure baby is tired enough during the day, but not over exerted.
  • For dinner time, give something light and easy to digest, like khichdi and a glass/bottle of warm milk.
  • Boil some saunf and give the water to baby.
  • Try giving cow milk if you are giving top feed.
  • Sometimes, this may just become a habit. Babies tend to get into a deep sleep routine at night around the age of 3, if not earlier.
  • Hug your baby when they wake up in the middle of sleep and sing a soothing lullaby.
  • Try giving gripe water or colic medicine as suggested by baby’s doctor.
  • Try following a timetable for baby in the day and make sure nap time in the day is a little less and not close to bedtime at night.
  • Make sure you burp baby after feeding at bedtime.
  • Keep your baby in your arms, or hug your baby when you are putting them to sleep. This may give a sense of security.
  • Add some saunf when you boil baby’s milk and strain it out while giving to baby.
  • Check the diaper in the night.
  • Be calm with your baby as a habit. Sometimes, the events of the day play in a baby’s mind and may make them disturbed. Do not shout or yell at your baby, and definitely do not hit.
  • Make sure your baby does not get any mosquito or insect bites during sleep time.
  • If baby has a regular time of getting up in the middle of the night, try waking up baby at least 15-20 minutes before that time. Talk to baby softly, make sure baby knows you are around, sing a lullaby and soothe them back to sleep.

Special thanks to mums and dads:

Sumiti Malhotra Dargan, Vaibhavi Kadiya, Smrati Tiwari Saini, Riya Mamta Chhajer, Nidhi Pandey, Poojankit Bhati, Jigna Shah, Mithlesh Dwivedi, Mariya Bhagat, Rupali Kohli, Namrata Samel Dixit, Aamrin Khan, Shweta Mishra Jha, Amita Bartaria, Rashmi Agrawal, Nidhi Jain, Rachna Shah, Karishma Jagad, Sonal Gulia.

* please remember that all views shared are by other mums and dads and FirstCry is not endorsing any of the advice, tips and ideas. It is completely upto the parents to decide what they think is best for baby.


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