Helping Baby With Constipation Problems: SOS Mom

lilbabyThis week 02 mums had a similar problem: mum Mallika wrote in from Qatar to ask SOS Moms about a problem she is facing with her 09-month-old baby girl. ‘My 09 month old baby girl is suffering constipation problems. I give her extra milk, home-made rice powder boiled with water and added to milk. I this 2-3 times per day, and also semolina (sooji) and khichri once a day. The doctor here has told me not to give her sugar, salt, cow’s milk and milk products before she turns a year old. Every time she has to pass stool she cries a lot as it is really painful for her. I cry with her, Im depressed, but I can’t help my little girl. Please please help my baby.’ Mum Shazma Zaheer Gillani has a 03 year old daughter who faces the same problem too!

We’ll admit we did get quite emotional seeing the pain this baby, and of course, her mum, go through each day. And it was overwhelming the way our amazing SOS Mommies came out with their advice, their help, ideas and suggestions. We’re jotting down the suggestions below:

  1. Giving mashed banana twice a day will help
  2. Daal ka paani (water from boiling daal, lentil) and lukewarm water to drink
  3. Mashed papaya
  4. Fresh orange juice, naariyal pani (water from a green coconut), mashed vegetables, green vegetable soup, rice
  5. Soak 4-5 dried grapes in hot water, mash and give the juice to baby. Can be given early in the morning once baby wakes up
  6. Avoid tinned milk
  7. Mashed apple
  8. If baby rear area is hurt and red, apply some mustard oil lightly to help heal
  9. Little sugar in lukewarm water
  10. Try and add bit of ghee in meals.
  11. Banana
  12. Lots of water throughout the day
  13. Prunes (dried plum) juice or prunes soaked in warm water is a natural laxative and also packed with nutrients
  14. Mashed banana and papaya, puree of carrot, beetroot, potato, tomato
  15. Boil water with ajwain, ginger and lemon in small quantity. Cool and give to baby
  16. Grate jaifal and chiwda in warm water and give 2-3 drops to baby.
  17. Take a little heeng and mix with 2-3 drops of water. Apply this on baby’s tummy.
  18. Palak paneer vegetable with mild salt may help
  19. Check with your doctors about medicines that will prevent any anal fissures in baby
  20. Gripe water
  21. Dip the stalk of betel leaf (paan) in castor oil and insert in baby’s poop hole (*this should be done at the parents’ choice, FirstCry does not recommend anything)
  22. Dabur janamghutti
  23. Give the juice of a raw apple
  24. Lukewarm water with honey
  25. Pinch of hing boiled in spoonful water
  26. Dried figs are rich in fiber and help in constipation. Soak a fig overnight (if baby cant chew) in 2-3 spoons of water, grind and give to baby.
  27. Take a paan and add about 01 cup of water. Add a pinch of ajwain, black cardamom seeds and some sugar. Boil till it remains half and let cool. Give the water to baby
  28. Boil powdered saunf (fennel seeds) in a cup of water for a few minutes and feed baby 3-4 spoons twice or thrice a day.
  29. Mix a tablespoon of honey in milk
  30. Ground elaichi (cardamom)

With special thanks to mommies and 02 special daddies: 🙂

Lovina Kuckreja, Minu Sharma, Tanushree Mithal, Sadhna Singh, Kripa Ganesh, Sharmili Navab, Harpreet Kaur, Rimpy Agarwal, Rehana Shameem, Shradha Menon, Amitoj Bhatia, Shilpa Kannan, Jigna Shah, Deepty Mundhra, Kritika Jain, Patil Archana, Amrita Vyas Purohit, Saranya Gangadaran, Yashi Gaurav Deora, Megha Malviya, Padmavathi Meduri, Aarti Duggal Kapoor, Mubeen Afshan, Jyoti Huria, Deepti Dani, Vineet Arora, Shruthi Pothnis, Shruti Nigam, Jaspinder Sehmi, Karamjit Kaur, Veena Giri, Sheetal Dutta, Neeru Koul, Sachin Sood, Meenakshi Lakshmi Narayanan, Anushree Nadkarni, Kiruthica Aravind, Hema Canchi Jauhari, Deepika Kushwaha, Namrata Samel Dixit, Sujata Kirtane Sapre




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