Diwali Safety For Your Kids And You

Mums, as you get ready to celebrate the festival of lights, its imperative that you keep a few essential safety measures in mind while enjoying Diwali with your children and family. As much as this festival is about celebration, it’s also about making sure that everyone around you is safe and alert.

Here are a few steps that will help you take care of your child a bit more during Diwali.

One of the most important things to keep in mind during Diwali is to wear the right kind of clothes. While wearing cotton clothes is the safest bet, most of us love wearing clothes that are more fancy and festive in look and more stylish too. If you are dressing up your child in something else other than cotton, make sure the dress does not touch the ground, especially in case of dresses like lehengas, and make sure all accessories like dupattas and stoles are kept well away from the fire.

Of course kids love playing with crackers, but make sure that a responsible adult is always present around the children, someone who can keep an alert eye, someone who can guide the kids properly and can take charge in case of any emergency.

Do not kids play with fire, even if they are lighting the crackers. The fire should always be handled by a grown-up.

Keep a few buckets of water handy near the place where you are playing with firecrackers. Also keep some heavy blankets and a few wet towels around for emergency.

Make sure that all gas cylinders are switched off in the house and see that there are no cylinders around the area where you are lighting crackers.

If your child is not comfortable in the loud noise, place some cotton buds in the ears.

For very small babies, its best to not expose them to the smoke for a longer duration.

Even for toddlers and small babies, getting exposed to smoke is not a good idea. Let them enjoy Diwali for some time and then take them in, probably letting them watch through a closed window.

Do not place diyas and lamps in the house. If absolutely necessary, place them in a designated area and make sure your baby is accompanied by a grown-up at all times and does not go there by mistake.

Do not allow your children to light crackers inside the house.

Keep the doctor’s number handy in case of any emergency.


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