Helping your baby get used to bottle feeding

Vinny Vig, a mom of a 5 month old baby boy, has brought forward a common problem that most moms  face to get their babies used to being fed by bottle.

She has breastfed her son so far and now, she says, “I have to join back work in 10 days and I am trying to get him used to the bottle but he’s just not accepting it. I am very worried. Please help!”

She would like to know how she can solve this issue before she starts work. We also have other moms who need help on the same issue – mom Priya Jain, mom Aditi Walia Budhiraja and mom Vankadara Swetha

As always, all you lovely moms on our page have given your valuable suggestions and once again, we say ‘Mommy knows best’!

Read on for their experienced suggestions:

Mom Winnie Ng and mom Anwesha Bhattacharya say avoid being around when someone is feeding your child and ask your caretaker to divert the baby’s attention towards something else more interesting like music or rattles.

Mom Emon Talukdar thinks that putting the bottle nip inside the babies mouth while breastfeeding can help.

Mom Meenakshi Chandail Parihar and mom Deepti Sahni gave their babies a bottle whenever they were very hungry or sleepy.

Mom Sowmya Nixon and mom Rizwan Wani say that you should consult a doctor which is always the best to do.

Mom Sunaina Kanojia thinks that putting some honey on the bottle nipple can help

Mom Maya Silavat says to feed them with the bottle only. Slowly, when they feel very hungry, they will get used to the bottle.

Mom Jincy John says, consult doctor for solid food. “My doctor also suggested some solid food for my son when he was 4 months old which really helped”.

Mom Swapna Enoch, mom Neha Gupta and mom Geeta Ahir say that you can store your milk & feed it with a spoon

Mom Shama Desai says that you should try to nurse the baby first and the second feed should be with the bottle. You should see that the nipple of the bottle is soft because if it is hard it will be difficult for the baby to drink. That may be one reason it does not want the bottle. Also start with your breast milk as feeds. Slowly and gradually this will work, only you have to be patient

Lastly, Mom Kavitha Jayaraman Ashim says that it’s a time taking process and you should always keep calm during such times!

Let’s hope that mom Vinny Vig and all other moms with similar problems can find their solution here.


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  1. […] Mum Farah Fairy wrote: ‘My baby is 10 months old. Since the last 4 months I am trying to give her formula milk but she always rejects it. She never sucks the nipple. I have tried giving her fresh milk but she rejects that too. I give her milk when she feels hungry, but she still won’t take the bottle. Please help.’  This was another problem faced in the SOS Mom forum and you may find this article helpful. […]

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