10 Quick Tips To Glam Up For The Festivals


It’s THE FESTIVAL season…Navratri, Durga Puja, Diwali, and top it with this being the shaadi season of all times..there’s so much looking extra-good to be done these days, isn’t it? And with a little one to look after, there’s not much time to head out for those beauty sessions or relaxing spa appointments. Since we couldn’t help you on that front, we came up with the next best thing – sharing with you the top 10 quick and easy-to-do at home tricks to make ‘looking extra good’ that much more easier for you…Do remember to share your ‘special’ tips as well 🙂


1. Make some green tea by soaking 02 green tea bags in hot boiled water. Let the tea bags remain in the water till its naturally cool. Pour the water on your hair, let it remain for some time, then rinse off with warm water – makes hair soft and shiny.

2. Apply some olive oil on dry hair to bring back shine for dull hair.

3. To get rid of dandruff, mix some white vinegar with water and use as a shampoo. Massage properly, leave on for a few minutes, then rinse off with warm water.

4. Control frizzy unmanageable hair by applying a little olive oil or coconut oil to help smoothen it out.

5. Oily hair and no time for shampoo? Take a little talcum powder on your hands and apply with fingers on the roots for dry, grease-free hair in minutes.

Skin / Face:

6. For any ungainly pimple or rash that comes up at the last minute, don’t burst it. Instead, apply a little lime juice on the spot.

7. No time for a facial? Rub the inside of a papaya skin or a fresh banana peel on your face and see the glow.

8. Apply a little Vaseline on your eyelids, cheekbones and eyelashes for a healthy shape and shine.

9. Take a little lemon juice and sugar granules. Mix together and rub over your face. Not only is this good for lightening the skin and removing any tan on regular use, it also avoids pimples and gives your face a glow.

10.If you want those perfect rosy tint on your lips in the morning but don’t want to look like you applied lipstick, put on some bright red lipstick on your lips before you go to bed. Clean up in the morning for a rosy tint, without applying any lip colour!

THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP OF ALL: Lots of healthy food and plenty of water, and mums, you’re definitely on the right track to looking, feeling and being beautiful and fit!


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