05 Fun Activities This Weekend

Mums and Dads, it’s weekend again! So as you plan to head out to the mall with your little one or get ready for some free, relaxing time, here are 05 fun things your little one would love you to join in….

01. Dance dance dance – anywhere for that matter! You know how your little ones start pumping up those little fists and dancing along anywhere, as soon as they hear music? It’s sooo cute to watch and lifts up your mood instantly. So why not join in with your little one for a change? If you’re at home, put up some music that your little one enjoys, some rhymes even, and jump on! Jiggy, shimmy, jiggle and shake that body up, and laugh out loud with your baby, as you show the world what a perfect mamma-baby team you are!

02. Bubbles – Have some fun with bubbles this weekend. You don’t really need to create a full soapy bubble water for this…just get a glass of water and straw and make bubbles inside the cup! See who creates the most water bubbles and makes the loudest sounds!



03. Walk In the Rain: If your little one can walk independently, go out for a nice stroll in the drizzle. Get some fun umbrellas and raincoats and have a splashy time, make a few noises in the puddles and see your little darling squeal in delight!




04. On-Screen Games: Yes, your little one probably has already started playing on-screen games, if not in real, then at least holding on to a remote and trying. Get together in front of the screen, hand a remote to your kid, even a spare one will do if your baby cant really play but wants to still get the feel of it, while you can play along.



05. Cartoon time: What better way to end the weekend than going back to your childhood and getting some stress off, especially if it can make you have some special fun time with little ones. Round off your weekend with a few back-to-back baby movies and cartoons.


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