10 Things To Tell Your Hubby Today

Mums, there’s not a doubt that YOU ARE a super-mum, but if hubby wasn’t around with all that love and support, even a super-mum could have gotten into trouble, isn’t it? We know that once we become parents, our kids are always our first priority, and take away most of our love, time and thoughts. So once we’re done with that, why not invest some time and effort towards that other relationship that is also real important?

Here are 10 things your hubby would love to hear:

  1. The only thing you’ve done better than being the best husband is being the best father
  2. Your love and support is what makes me a super mum
  3. Please give me a hug
  4. You’re looking wow!
  5. Thank you for helping out with so many things, how would I have managed otherwise
  6. I know the baby is my first priority, but if there was a scope for a tie, you and the little one are the #1 loves of my life
  7. I’m so proud to be married to you
  8. Come here, let me give you a hug and a massage today
  9. I love you – no matter how cliched this may sound, there’s nothing better than telling your hubby you love him.
  10. Done with the words? Now just hold his hand and look into his eyes…..he will know 🙂




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