10 Products To Let Your Little One Enjoy The Sunny Days

It’s sunny again, and most of us are already getting into our shades and umbrellas. So mommies, while we take care to keep that complexion sun-safe and protected, here are a few must-use products to help your little one beat the sun…..

1. Sun-Screen: We’ve been told over and over again that using a good sunscreen regularly should be a habit, rather than a routine, and this habit should be applied in case of our little ones too. Get a baby-suitable sunscreen that will help keep out the harmful effects of the sun, while being soft and caring on baby’s skin.

2. After-Sun Lotion: These are recommended for newborn babies if they are exposed to the sun, or even for a little older babies who have extremely sensitive skin. The after-sun lotion/milk helps moisturise baby’s skin.

3. Bath Toys And Books: Summer times are fun times, as long as you get a splash in the water. Make the sunny days fun for your little one by filling up the tub/bucket with bath-toys and see your baby enjoy! Get a bath-book and read along while splashing with baby…

4. Swimming Costumes:Summer times are swimming times, and what better way to let your little one get into the pool than by wearing a colourful, cute and comfortable swimming costume.

5. Flip Flops: Colourful strappy flip flops are a must-have in the summers. Get some fun strappies for your little ones in bright and vibrant colours.

6. Caps and Hats:Let your little one make a style statement while protecting them from the sun.

7. Umbrellas: Your little one will love taking a walk in the outdoors with these cute, colourful and favourite character umbrellas.

8. Sunglasses: Protect those little eyes with some stylish, funky and trendy sunshades.

9. Water Bottle: Encourage your little one to be outdoors, but make sure they are properly hydrated by having adequate amounts of water.

10.Body Wash and Shampoo: Summer times will mean that your little one spends lots of time outdoors, so make sure you wash off the dirt and sweat at the end of the day with some soothing and refreshing body-washes, shampoos and soaps.


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