Finding Time For Your Special One After Baby


You’ve got the most amazing little ‘live’ toy in the world right there in your arms!!! Wow….Congratulations..This is the time when the entire world becomes lost to you, when the world is a beautiful place all over again, when suddenly, the world is filled with fairies, angels, balloons, stars and all things magical..much like falling in love, isn’t it?

And as you decide to give all your love and affection to that little one in your arms, there is one more very very important person in your life who deserves some of that love and attention too, especially now that suddenly your main point of affection seems to have changed.

Yes, we are talking about HUBBY DEAR! While most of us are busy with the new role of ‘mommy’, nurturing your relationship with your partner is equally important.

It’s difficult, we know, but these 5 points that we talk about here are easy, simple and everyday kind of things that will still let you tell your partner that yes, even though your main point of love and affection is your baby, your partner is still the one you have eyes for….Know what we mean? 🙂

1. Say I Love You……in any way you can…..come on moms, it does not always have to be an elaborate and biiig deal telling your partner how much you love him, right? Just a simple smile, a look, a call in the day during work or a short text message on the mobile are simple ways to let your partner know that you still think about him.

2. Grab 10 Minutes A Day: That can be possible, right? 10 minutes out of 24 hours isn’t too much to ask. Agreed, you wake up million times at night, hubby goes to office early, you come back from office tired, who wants to sit and have some emotional talk when you would rather lie down and try to sleep, isn’t it? But those 10 minutes that you try and take out for your partner will be vital. Try and grab a cup of chai together, or let your baby play in the playzone of the mall on a weekend while you sit watching and holding hands or talking. Stand together at the balcony or sit at the window together….just like that….

3. Chat And Communicate: Found an interesting book you loved reading? Tell your partner about it. Saw a movie on television that you loved? Tell your partner and try and watch it together again. Did something exciting in the day with baby? Call your partner and tell him! Trust us, knowing that you still think of your partner first after anything fun and exciting will make him really happy.

4. Bedtime-Gupshup: Most babies in Indian families sleep with parents, and chances are, you really enjoy cuddling with baby in your arms and wouldn’t want to change it for anything…we understand….So once baby is asleep, if you and partner are still awake, why not sit up in bed, come over at the edge and chat in whispers and smiles? Baby will be sleeping, so you need to be quiet, but sometimes, talking like this, in hushed tones, even while you are grown ups and in your own home, can be quite fun! Try it 🙂

5.Post-Office Dates: If both you and hubby are working out of home, well, its a great way to re-start your ‘couple’ days! Yes, you are dying to go back home and pick up baby in your arms and smother those cotton cheeks with kisses, but once a week, or say, twice a month, it’s a good idea to head out to a movie or a quick dinner after work, just you and hubby. Why not?

Becoming a parent is one of the most special experiences ever, and one that will be cherished for life. Parenthood is an amazing journey, so make the most of it and enjoy it together with your partner.



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