How to choose the right pram for the baby

Most of us love to take our little ones for that walk around the park in a stroller or a pram. With so many prams in the market, it does get confusing for some parents and they are quite lost with the variety around them. Choosing a pram or a stroller is not very heard, just jeep a look out for a couple of things that your stroller or pram must have!


Safety features

Safety happens to be the most important feature while buying a stroller. The stability and the harness aspects are most important aspects while purchasing one. If the objective is to undertake small mall trips once in a while, a three point harness should work fine.


Stroller handles and tables

It is necessary to walk with the stroller before you buy it, Since you are the one who will pushing the stroller, you need to check how comfortable it is for you.

Convenience features

Do you need a diaper to be hanged or want a storage basket underneath? Some strollers come with a host of features like additional trays and containers. While the attachments look fancy and really nice, opt for a stroller that can be easily folded when not in use.

Lightweight and heavy trolleys.

The former resembles an umbrella tower and in terms of weight is less than 20 pounds. On the other hand larger strollers are heavier in weight and features larger criteria in terms of wheels and storage space.


Some brands to consider:

Mee Mee Pram The transportation is easy, carrying is easy and the light weight aluminium structure makes it ultra compact when closed. The single handle provides a soft group which makes it quite easy to pull through tight spaces. One can push it from front as well as back by using the reversible handle. Sleeping, seating and recycling are the three mechanisms taken care of in the best possible way.

Hauck _ Stoller Sport – Original Minne pink by Disney Baby

This is perfectly designed to be taken to a shopping mall. It has ample space and is light weight. It is  ideal for babies above 3 months of age. It is easily movable and has an adjustable foot rest

Chicco -Echo Stroller Garnet

Catering to the dynamic mindset of the modern mums this is a modern and a stylish product.. Your little ones can use it right from the early months and the seat is pretty spacious.  The backrest is padded which can be adjusted making it possible to be adjusted in 4 major positions. The add-on features include a shopping basket, a summer and winter hood which can be foldable. The wheels are incorporated with the traditional Echo Stroller logos.

Buggy Stroller

Most of the moms are confronted with this dilemma of sorts. The baggy stroller is bright blue in colour and ideal to take for taking your child out in the evening. The stroller is light weight, is easy to push and moreover the seats are comfortable. From the safety aspect the handle is in front and the belt is alimony to the fact that your child is protected on all counts. The wheels are embedded with breaks which make them move in a particular direction only.



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