10 Quick & Easy Tips To Include Exercising In Your Daily Routine

Whether you’re a mum who is a full-time mommy, or a mum who also works outside the house, waking up and running through the day, there is not much time a mom really gets for herself, and if you do manage a few minutes, you would rather sit down and take a few easy breaths, isn’t it? While none of us likes that baby-flab, there is hardly time to get into a hard-core exercise routine. We know! So we compiled 10 points that help you squeeze in a little exercise time in your daily routine and get back to that pre-pregnancy shape.

1. Walk Walk Walk: Yes, you heard us. It’s still the best way to kick away those extras we so don’t like. While many people prefer hitting the gym or working out on the treadmill, there is nothing as effective as a daily walk routine. 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30-45 minutes, you take a pick. If you live close by your work place, walk down to the office at least one way, if not more. Leave the car/transportation and walk down to your local market. Put baby in a stroller and go for an evening walk. If possible, go for a post-dinner or early-morning walk.

2. Taking The Stairs: Yes, all those yummy mummies on television have been advertising it, and it actually does work. At office, at home, at a mall, take the stairs instead of the lift. In case you don’t live on a higher floor, spend 10-15 minutes a day using just one or two levels of staircase as a stepper. You will soon see how much it helps on the workout front!

3. Exercise As You Clean Up: Don’t look around for help to clean up that clutter your baby created. Instead, use it as an exercising device! Stand straight, bend down on your knees and go down on your haunches. Pick up that one item from the floor, keep it, then bend haunch and repeat. Do this as many times as you can without stressing yourself too much. Do not bend at the back. Only bend at the knees.

4. Baby-Lifts: Want to play with your little one and make it an exercise too? This one is for those whose babies are still in that ‘picking-up-in-arms’ age. Sit or lie-down at a comfortable and safe place, put your baby on your legs, a little below the knees, and make your knees go up-down-up-down. Tense those calf muscles and repeat as long as its comfortable and doesn’t hurt you.

5. TV-time crunches: If you love those TV serials, chances are you spend at least 30 minutes in front of the television. That is more than enough time you need. Use it to do some sitting crunches. Put your arms at the back of your head, fold in your legs and go back and forward, trying to touch your head to your knees. Remember to stop the moment you feel uncomfortable.

6. Stretches: You can do this anywhere, whether at home or during office hours as you sit in front of the computer. Stand up (or if you can’t, just sit) and stretch your arms as much as you can. Use a water bottle in both arms to add some weight and make it more effective. Stretch your legs. Stretch your waist. Stand on your toes and stretch those calves.

7. Play outdoors together: If you spend time at home with your baby and take them to the park, why not indulge in a little running around yourself? If you have to go to office and there is no time in the week, make this a weekend fun routine. Other fun sports activities you can do with your child are playing badminton, basketball, frisbee or simple touch and run!

8. Dance: And this is not just an exercise, it’s an instant mood-lifter. If you don’t get the time to enroll in a dance class, have some fun moments at home by dancing with your little one, hopping and jumping around, or dancing on your own, if its only for 15-20 minutes a day. You don’t really need an excuse to dance, but when the incentive is a toned and fit body, who wouldn’t want to?

9. Breathe-in Breathe-out routines: This is simple, can be done, and yet is quite effective. Select the type of breathing exercise that will work best for you depending on what you want from your exercise routine. Once decided, you can do this at home, at work, while shopping at the mall, practically anywhere really!

10.Eat and Sleep on time: Yes mums, we simply HAD to include this, didn’t we. Because YOU just don’t listen. As much as you try reducing that weight by skipping meals or breakfast (worst!), this is only going to make you gain, rather than lose. So please please eat, keeping a check on what you eat, so that it’s healthy and nutritious, and don’t stay hungry – trust us, it won’t help. And please, as much as it’s quite difficult, try to get as much close to the 08-hour sleep time as possible.


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