Daycare Vs Nanny

With a larger segment of nuclear families around, a new mom when getting back to work has limited options. She can either choose to work from home, a culture that is not widely accepted as yet in our country, When a new mom needs to get back to work, she then needs to choose between a day care or a stay-at-home maid.

Here is what we think are the important factors that will help you choose the right option:
With a Daycare – The Pro’s

  • If you look at its cost, it is certainly cheaper than having a stay at home nanny
  • There are more adults to look after the children, so you can be assured of good adult supervision.
  • Your child will interact with other children as well, thus helping them to socialize.
  • You maintain your privacy. You do not have to open up your home to anyone.

With a daycare – The Con’s

  • Children are more prone to sicknesses in a daycare because you cannot monitor the well being of the other children in the daycare.
  • There won’t be adequate individual attention given to the kids in the daycare because the child teacher ratio is not 1:1.
  • Getting your child ready everyday for the daycare can be a task in itself!
  • Be prepared to take days off when your child falls ill because a daycare  will not take in ill children

With a nanny – The Pro’s

  • With a nanny at home you are assured of a one-on-one care for your little one.
  • Your little one is being looked after in a comfortable and a familiar environment, your home.
  • This is a convenient option for parents as they do not have to dress up their kids and get them ready as they would need to do for a day care.
  • Since the baby is at home, it is less susceptible to any kinds of illnesses.
  • A stay at home nanny allows parents to not compromise on their work schedules.
  • A nanny is in a better position to instill the values or rules you want to set for your child.

With a nanny – The con’s

  • Cost! A stay at home nanny can be at least twice as expensive in comparison to a day care. And if you go through an agency, most agencies also charge a premium for getting a nanny.
  • Finding a nanny can sometimes be challenging. You may need to go through many nannies till you find the right one who suits your family.
  • You can get ready for the lack of privacy when you have a stay at home nanny!
  • We’ve all heard the hushed tales of the abusive nanny at some point of time. While this maynot hold true for everyone, many families feel the risk is just too high to trust someone with their child.
  • Even if you have hired her as a nanny, there are loads of things that you will need to look into – providing benefits, paid vacations, sick leaves etc. All these things are important of you want to keep your employee happy!

Now that we have listed the pros and cons for you, we hope that the choosing is a lot easier!


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