Getting back to work as a new mom

Work from home, opt for flexible timings, wait till your baby is at least two years old, choose a good day care, work part-time…. the options we got from all you moms out there is amazing! Thank you all moms for helping Ragini out as she gears up to get back to work post her delivery.

Here are our best reponses:

“It is very difficult to cope with the situation, but slowly and gradually is becomes easier.

When you are at work and when baby is left at the day care centre or at home you can call every 2 hrs to find out what baby is doing.  You can express milk for the baby and keep so she does not miss you much.

When you join your work again, you can request your office to allow you to leave half days at least for a month and then gradually increase you time.

This will help you as well as your baby to cope up with the anxiety of separation. This will also help you to do your job well without stress. I was also sailing in the same boat as you and i can understand how you feel , but as we say time mends everything. ”
– Shabnam Desai

“I understand your dilema. Work from home is 1 option. You can hire a stay at home nanny or 10 hrs nanny from some agency.

To make your baby used to be away from you, you go out for short intervals for some days before joining back. This way, she will learn separation.

You can look for a good day care. What you can do is, connect with working moms and enroll your baby in same daycare as theirs. This way, everyone of you can visit the day care individually in some intervals daily 1 by 1 and see how your baby as well as your friend’s babies are doing in day care.
-Rashmi Agrawal

“I’m sure it might be necessary for you to get back to work and I can see that you are concerned about your baby too. I took two years break with my older daughter and then we put her in daycare as my husband could see her on internet whenever we missed her but with my second daughter I got back when she was only three months.

I left her with my mum n expressed my milk for her so that she could skip the formula food! I work 6 hours a day and I would take shift in such a way that my daughter would spend 4 hours sleeping!
Falguni Nilesh Bhansari

Komal Jeremiah Srivastava“When my baby Avishi was born, I quit my fulltime work and started working from home. She is 2 yrs 3 months now and I have just started working fulltime with the same company. Initially I was anxious about leaving her in daycare. But she adjusted well and I guess I was have more separation anxiety than her. I was lucky, because I was working with this company prior to my pregnancy and had built a good rapport with them. Today I also continue work with them, as it offers me great challenges and at the same time great flexibility. Moreover, my daughter’s school and daycare is in the same premises and also just next to my office. I reckon you should wait till your child is 2 +, till then you have to be with your baby 24 by 7”
– Komal Jeremiah Srivastava


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