Your Top 10 Favourite ‘Me’ Time Activities

As a working MUM (and even if you choose to be a home-maker), life is all about family, husband, baby, managing the kitchen, school work, office work and lots more tucked in. At the end of a long tiring day and at the end of the week, there’s hardly a realisation of where the entire week flew by.

But any time we can manage to squeeze in a bit of time for ourselves, that much-rare and much-needed ‘me’ time, know what comes on the top 10 spot of our list? Read on:


Spending time with baby and hubby: Yes, and we thought that the whole point was trying to be away from them…Don’t we miss them within 5 minutes of being on our own? Yes, looks like we do!




Listening to Music:  After constant decibel hours of baby and husband, some calming or even ‘rocking’ music does sound amazing!





Enrolling for Dance Lessons / Dancing: You know how to stay on your feet the entire day, and going for that dance lesson on your own might just uplift the spirits



A Day at The Spa: What more relaxing than a wrap, a massage and some aroma-scented candles?


Sleeping / Doing Nothing: Aahhh…..we wish there were more zzzzz hours in the day!





Going Out With The Gang: Guaranteed to fill each dull moment with gossip, gossip and more gossip..what else? 😉





Catching Favourite Sitcoms on TV: Yes, we endure hours of cartoon, but a few favourite sitcoms on our own would be quite refreshing


Retail Therapy / Shopping!!! Do we even need to elaborate on this one??



Reading: Something other than bed-time stories for a change can really take us to another world



Browsing the Internet





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