Creating a schedule for your little one

As a mom who is ready to get back to work, one of the questions at the back of your mind would be, “How will I manage the erratic schedules?” When it comes to scheduling, you will be amazed to see how quickly a baby can adapt to the changes that you make. The most important aspect is that you stick to the changes you make and not slack because that could confuse the baby.

Why do you need a schedule?

Having a schedule is one of the best approaches a parent can take when their babies have a very unpredictable natural schedule. Being up all nights and sleeping through the day can cause quite a bit of fatigue for the new mom. The next question moms may have is, “How soon can I start creating a schedule for my baby?”

Well, the only answer is start as early as you can. Did you know that you can start creating a schedule for a baby as young as two months old? Start with the basics of making your baby sleep and waking them at scheduled intervals. You can also choose to feed the baby at the designated time. The intent of a schedule is not to discipline your little one, but to have a predictable pattern that allows you to also do your work.

Look for cues

If you feel that your schedule is not working, then look for cues from your baby. Make a note of the time when your baby is generally sleepy or hungry and try and create a schedule around those times. There are two types of schedules that are advised, parent-led schedules and baby-led schedules. While the former type of schedule is apt for working women, the latter one is more suited for stay at home moms.

Establish a good day and night routine

When your baby wakes up in the morning, pull back the curtains and let the lights filter in making it a nice bright and cheery atmosphere. Feed your baby and indulge in a bit of playing followed by a massage and a bath. Most babies like to take another feed post the bathing and then sleep.

For the nights, have dimmed lights and soft music in the background that can help your baby relax. Give your baby a massage to relax and follow it up with a warm bath if you can.

Create a schedule for yourself

When your baby is up in the morning and has had his initial fill of milk, take the time that you manage to plug in your chores and get ready for work. If you are dropping your child at the daycare, it would be good if you can plan and get organized the previous day. Have the dry foods packed and ready in the diaper bag. Get that stack of diapers ready too along with the wipes and other accessories.

Stick to the schedule you create, don’t play with the timings to suit your convenience. Disruptions in the schedule can confuse your little one. If you leave your baby at the day care or a nanny, then share the schedule with them and request them to follow the same schedule so that your baby gets adjusted to it well.


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