Here’s How The Super-Mum Does It!

A Working MUM, wife, a woman who knows what she wants and best friend to her little one! Yes, YOU are that and much more! As you get busy with the daily routine of baby, home, school, office, kitchen, husband, and, if sometimes you can manage it, then time for yourself too….the level of multi-tasking that you do is just outstanding!

Getting back to work after a baby is always a complex experience. Involves lots of planning, patience, checks, confidence and tears (and not always baby’s).

Here’s how most of the Super-Mums like you are doing it:

GRANDPARENTS: “I chose to leave my daughter with her grandparents, as I found the concept of a joint family to be extremely safe and loving. This also gives my in-laws and baby time to bond well and have lots of fun.”

NANNY: “After the proper checks and searches, I hired a professionally-trained nanny who could look after my baby while I was away. That way, I made sure my baby was getting the right learning skills, love and care, even while I was not around her.”

DAY CARE: “I put my baby in a day care center near my office. Now I drop in to see her everyday at lunch hour. We spend time together and I make sure we have our food together as well. It’s perfect, as I can take her home on my way back.”

CO-ORDINATING WITH MY HUSBAND: “My husband and I usually work out our office schedules in such a way, that while one drops the baby with grandparents or at the day-care, the other partner brings home the baby at the end of the day.”

FLEXIBILITY IN OFFICE: “I have worked out a shift system with my office, where I make sure that I choose my shift in such a way, that my husband or my in-laws are always in the house while I’m at work.”



WORKING FROM HOME: “Till the time that my baby isn’t a little older, I have decided to work from home. Once she gets a little more independent and manageable, I will get back to work full-time.”


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