Educational Toys – Starting The Learning Process Right At Home

Dear Mum,

We know that as a working mum, you may not always be around your little one. While a mother is a baby’s first teacher, for times when you’re not by your little one’s side, it’s a good idea to leave an educational toy with your baby, one that will not only be fun, but also help baby learn and explore!

One of the most basic, as well as important, tool to ‘educate’ your child and encourage them to observe, question and understand is TOYS. Your baby’s first joy will be a special toy, and what better way to use learning toys that will not only be fun, but also help them learn as they play! Today, toys are much more than just a play thing. They aid your child’s growth and development, stimulate interest and open a world of ideas and possibilities.

So be sure to pick what’s right for your little one.


Eye-Hand Coordination:Rattles, beaded toys, clip-on toys, balls, bending and twisting toys are all great to help your baby through the first learning stages of eye-hand coordination.


Colours And Shapes:Your little one will not be able to identify colours for the first two months, but after that, it’s going to be a riot of colours and shapes every where the little eyes see. Mobile toys, play gym toys, toys with bright colours and patterns, blocks, rattles with different shape and colour attachments are all a great way to introduce your little darling to the world of colours, shapes and patterns.


Movement: Toys with wheels, dangling toys, balls in different shapes and sizes, wind chimes and skiddy toys are great fun and will help your little one understand and grasp the concept of movement.


Motor & Cognitive Skills: Toys that require stacking and building aid in the development of your child’s reasoning skills, and the concept of maths and numbers. They also help develop hand and finger muscles, thus assisting your child’s motor skills.



Outdoor toys: These are especially good for increasing your child’s physical activities and stamina, and help establish a sense of movement and direction.




Perceptual Skills: Musical toys not only assist your little one in learning music and rhythmic skills, they also encourage sensory tendencies in your baby, thus giving them a creative way of self-expression.



Emotional & Imaginative: Dolls, cartoon toys and puppets can open a world of imagination for your little ones, as they create and enact their own stories and plays. Not only this, toys such as these end up being your child’s comfort toy, with a strong emotional bond being formed.



Educational toys: These can be a fun way of learning. In addition, educational toys also help develop your child’s social skills like sharing, boost creativity and encourage curiosity and exploration.



Social Skills: Multi-player games, especially board games (and there are a host of board games for small babies), can help your child develop social skills, assist in public speaking, leadership qualities and the ability to manage a team. These are not only fun and interesting for your little one, but can also be a source of entertainment to the entire family.


On-screen games: Used in moderation, these are good for developing hand-eye coordination. They also enable your child’s developmental skills like problem-solving, imagination and decision-making.


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  1. Baby gyms can be a great way to develop baby’s sensory and motor skills. Also a gym can engage a baby while you get time to finish pending chores or tasks.

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