Creating a schedule

When a new mom needs to get back to work, one of the things that she worries about is adjusting to an erratic schedule. On some nights your baby will behave and on nights that he is up and about, she is likely to be bleary eyed at work. One way to keep this is in control is by creating a schedule.  Early introduction of good habits can help your child lead a well-disciplined life. Because babies do not know how to do things on their own, it is easier for the parents to step in and create a schedule for them.

Where to Begin

The most important criteria to keep in mind while creating a schedule is that you need to make two of them – one for the morning and one for the night. Oh, and one for yourself too! If you get your child to sleep at a particular time every night, you can get him to wake up at the same time every morning. This will make way to create a healthy eating and sleeping pattern for the day. Developing a night routine can begin as early as two months. By the time a baby is two months old, he might learn to sleep through the night or sleep for long hours at a stretch before crying for a feed.

Setting a routine for the night

A few things can induce sleep in babies;  a warm bath, a gentle bedtime massage, comfortable clothes, a good feed and a soothing environment. Try the Johnsons and Johnsons Bedtime range that works effectively to relax babies and make them sleep well.  At times, your baby might sleep off while nursing. It is fine as long as it does not develop into a habit. Tuck in your baby and lie next to him or rock him gently to sleep.

Setting a routine for the morning

A baby who has had a good night’s sleep is likely to wake up cheerful the next morning.  It becomes easier for the mom to get him to nurse and play for sometime before offering him his breakfast. Bathe  your baby and get him ready before you go to work. If you are dropping your baby at the daycare then try and make him sleep so that he can sleep a while at the daycare.

Creating a schedule for yourself

When your baby is up in the morning and has had his initial fill of milk, take the time that you manage to plug in your chores and get ready for work. If you are dropping your child at the daycare, it would be good if you can plan and get organized the previous day. Have the dry foods packed and ready in the diaper bag. Get that stack of diapers ready too along with the wipes and other accessories.

You can expect changes in the schedule as your baby is growing. Tweak around the schedules and make the appropriate changes. When the babies grow older, they sleep lesser, so take them out to a park in the evening or a walk to tire them out so that they can sleep after an early dinner. It is a good habit to let them to sleep early and get up early!


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