Getting back to work as a new mommy

Most of the times when new moms have to get back to work, they would have a million questions swimming in their head, ranging from “How will my baby manage?” to  “Where will I leave my baby?” and lots more! While some moms can afford the luxury of either staying back and taking a sabbatical from work, there are others who have the convenience of working from home. But, what about that section of moms, who just need to get back to work?

We’ve listed some top tips that will help you moms adjust well when you get back to work.

Practice Your New Routine

When you are getting back to work post the delivery, it is bound to take time to get the right balance in your new roles. If you can manage to practice a routine for at least a month before you are due to start work, it will make things easier to handle and also your transition to a working mom will be easier. The trick is to get your daily routine efficient and well organized. If you are planning to leave your little one at the day care, start dropping your baby a week early so that the both of adjust to the new routine. Get used to parting with your baby.

Stop feeling guilty

There is a reason you have chosen to work. Rather than feeling guilty, look at the reason for getting back to work as something positive. Look at it at way of you saving up for your child’s education or contributing to your family’s income. Once you are positive, then you are able to better perform as a mom and an employee.

Stand by your choice

When I started work, I was innundated with lots of advice about how I was missing out on the childhood of my twin boys and why I should be at home. I pointed out to people that I was at work just the duration my kids were at the playgroup. But well, you get the drift? I learnt an important lesson here, don’t engage in a debate with people who have made other choices and I avoided interacting with people who made me feel guilty. Instead I chose to interact with moms like me so that I could manage my life better!

Choose a good daycare 

Some offices provide a daycare that helps reduce the tensions! You can just pop by duringluch to see how your kid is doing. For those, who don’t have such facilities, they need to choose between a day care and a nanny. If you are opting for a day care, there are somethings that you will need to keep in mind! We suggest that you read our article on Tips to choose a good daycare. Another good option would be also to get your kid ready for the daycare. If your child is older, you could consider taking them to the daycare and familiarising them with the surroundings. This way, they will not feel lost when you leave them at the day care.

Limit the distractions and make conscious choices

When you are at home with the kids, stop glancing at the blackberry or the laptop for new mails! Park that work for the time after you’ve tucked your kids to bed. Avoid working at home and spend some time with your spouse to unwind after a hard days work. When at office concentrate at the chores that you need to accomplish. Avoid distractions that will make you less productive.

Seek a balance

No, don’t try to be the supermom. Be happy. Get your kids and your family to be happy! That is a balance. If you are overworked, ask your spouse to pitch in! Do things together as a family that is more important to create a balance than anything else. And most important, get some “ME” time. It is important for you to unwind and relax too. Sleep well and get enough rest to be able to play the dual role od a mom and a working mom to perfection.

I realize that there will be days when things don’t go as you wanted. You need to just hang in there and be sure about what you want and what your priorities are. If the balance gets tough, try opting for flexi hours or choose to work from home for a few days if your office allows you to. At the end of the day, it is important to get the balance right to be able to work efficiently and of course be happy!


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