Asking Your Hubby To Help – This Tuesday To Friday

Dear Super-Mums,

Yes, we are talking to YOU! Still busy with that school homework while running off to stir the food on the gas and taking that call from the boss? Uh! Really mums, whatever happened to the new-but-very-important mantra of ‘getting some time to yourself’?

We know you are the do-all and can-do-all of the house, that YOU ARE the Super-Human Mum, but sometimes, it’s really fine to be a human mum, one who needs rest and loving and leisure and looking after as much as the other lovely members of your family.

Monday is already over, and we didn’t want to break you away from your routine the very first day. But now, here’s a little helping list to be followed from today (Tuesday) till Friday. The first thing you will need to follow this list is to ask your hubby dear to help you. Yes, its really okay to ask him to help – for all you know he may enjoy it, else you always can still make him do it, we know 😉 And yes, do try and trust him around the house a bit, let him do it his way. At least let’s try it out for this week and see? Fine? Well, then here goes:

TUESDAY: PLAY TIME: Since it’s the first day of the week today, let’s begin with something manageable, something that daddy would any way love to do. Let your husband take on the activity of taking your child out for playtime (or even doing some fun activity at home), while you sit and watch TV, read a mag, sip on some juice, or simply do nothing.

WEDNESDAY: HELPING IN THE KITCHEN: Now this one we leave for you and hubby to decide, whether you want help at breakfast or dinner. Your partner could help you in the kitchen in a lot of ways – chopping, cooking, mixing, kneading, setting the table, help serve the food. There is so much to be done at meal times that many times we don’t realise how many little steps go into completing a meal experience. So ask for help and let your hubby handle some of it. For all you know, he may end up surprising you with a special recipe!

THURSDAY:PREPARING THE HOME GROCERY LIST: This is quite a complicated task and as most mums know, there’s a lot of checking and re-checking involved, and even then there’s chance of missing out something important. Since the week is more than halfway through, you may be running out of supplies, so ask hubby to prepare a list of all the shopping items needed (kitchen, grocery, stationery, school, office and anything else you may need.) Let him do it, and resist the urge to go and check around the house for what you need 🙂

FRIDAY: MAKING LITTLE ONE FINISH DINNER AND SLEEP: Wow! If your hubby can successfully do this then Mum, YOU are really lucky! (of course we mentioned this is just a trial for this week, but there’s scope to cheat, so you can actually ask for this favour many times in the near future). The reason to try this on a Friday is to keep space for some extra time that dad might need at this (if your child is of school-going age then this is a good day to give over sleep duty to dad). Feeding, burping, cleaning up, patting, putting to sleep – takes quite an effort doesn’t it? Relax..he can do it 🙂

Okay, so that was the beginning of trying and giving yourself some ‘me’ time. Try out these few simple ideas, let us know about more ideas by commenting on our FaceBook page and for a change, sit back and relax!

And mums, while you take that much-needed ‘me’ time off from home and work, make sure you let daddy know how much help and support he’s been 🙂


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