Grooming Products For The Mum On The Go

Mumsies…..Monday morning is here and you’re all hassled and harassed already! Seems like the weekend was just about to arrive and then suddenly, went away in a wink! Yes, we know the feeling….Home, kitchen, baby, husband, pet, office, assignments, projects, shopping and come on, do we still have space on our checklist??

So much to look after and we know it’s hard to get that time for yourself. But mums, no one can be happy unless you are! While you may feel like spending the entire week in your pyjamas and putting your hair up in a bun, playing around with some colours on your face and doing that little make-up trick is just what the experts prescribe to uplift your mood and keep that smile on!

As you get set to face yet another fast-paced and action-packed week, here are a few products that will help that beautiful face in the mirror feel like a diva – something you truly are!

Tinted Moisturiser: We all have ‘patchy’ and ‘uneven’ days, and no one (except a chosen few) is blessed with the complexion of a movie-star (even they need help ladies!). So if you’re in a rush and want to skip the foundation route, go for a tinted moisturiser that will help even out the skin tone. If you don’t have one and are not sure if you want to buy one at this point, make your own at home. Add some amount of liquid foundation to your own moisturiser and see the difference!

Foundation: If you do have time and wouldn’t mind putting it on every day, a foundation is a good way to cover up any patches or spots on the skin and give your skin that healthy glow through the day. Choose in liquid, cream or powder base.

Blush: What better way to beat the Monday morning blues than putting some colour on your cheeks? Go for pinks, plums, peaches, corals, oranges or bronze, depending on your mood and type of work day.

Kajal: Brighten up those worked-up eyes with a dash of kohl. Go for black, green, blue, purple or brown…

Lip Colours: A dash of colour on your lips and a smile to go with it…what better way to begin the week?

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