Tips every working mom should know

Most working moms need to get back to work post their delivery. Most of them go through the emotional trauma of having left an infant back at home or a day care and constant thoughts about how their child is being taken care of. We know, that managing a baby, home and work is no mean task and that is precisely why you as a mom need to work smarter and better. Listed are a couple of tips that can help you manage your personal and professional life better.

1. Ask your spouse/partner to pitch in

You contribute as much as your partner does, so there is nothing wrong in asking your partner to help with the child care chores. While you bathe the child and get him/her ready, ask your partner to get the breakfast/lunch etc ready or do roles that the both of you are comfortable with. Since my better half cannot cook to save his life, he has the chore of getting the kids ready for school while I get the lunch boxes packed and ready.

2. Be present when present

This is an interesting concept that is being taught in most family therapies and sessions. Set aside a family time and do not indulge in any office work at that time. If needed, switch off those blackberries and laptops. If you got back at 6, set 6 -8 as the family time and catch up on any work post the time your kids go to sleep. Try doing this for a week and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is. This took me a month to accomplish, but I do it now. When your kids are young, spend as much time as you can with them. Yet another quote that I saved by a mom was rightly said “These are the moments that you will cherish and not forget, and they will last for years to come! Nobody remembers how clean your house was.”

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3.Take care of yourself

As a parent, you need to take care of yourself too. You need to be happy emotionally, spiritually and physically. Get enough rest to keep yourself rejuvenated and recharged at all times. Eat well and ensure that you get the right amount of calories to get through the day.

4.Don’t worry about being perfect

Stop worrying about being that perfect mom to raise that perfect child. What is more important is that you are a good role model to your child. If you as a parent are kind, thoughtful and forgiving, then you are on the right track. Please remember that it is OK to make mistakes.  When my kids were in the crawling stage, I spent endless hours placing that cushion back in its place or picking up the trail of toys just to ensure that my house looked clean.
An interesting quote by a mom that I saved during one of my searches on the internet is so apt here, “Kids are designed to be raised by humans, not saints. Do your best, but cut yourself some slack. And by all means, cut your partner some slack, too.”  Trust me, whenever I am in the introspection mode about my abilities as a parent, I need to read this and I feel a lot better.

5. Get the right nanny

As a working mom you need help, be it in the form of a stay at home nanny or leaving your child at the daycare where they will be looked after in your absence. If you are a mom to a toddler who needs to be left home, then ensure that the nanny or the caretaker is aware of all the responsibilities she has. It is also important that you have childproofed your house to ensure that there are no accidents in your absence.

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6. Be in touch with other working moms

These moms are most likely to be your pillar of strength too. When you interact with people who are in a similar situation as you, there are amazing ideas, tips and tricks that you can get on how to tackle situations and things. Whether it was weaning my boys off the feeding bottle or making them diaper free, I more often than not checked with my friends on how they tackled these milestones. It gave me a better idea on how to handle things.

And yes, as I wrap up, let me add my mantra as a mommy “Follow your mom instincts too, sometimes they work better than the advices doled out in parenting books!”


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