Helping control your frustrations

Sometimes a feeling of helplessness and frustrations do take over the best of people. And when it is a new mom, there are greater chances of feeling that way because you are so overwhelmed about the new things happening around you, that it does take its toll. We had a mom asking us how she could control her temper and frustrations towards her older child. We loved your responses, and here they are:

happy momMeditation and 1 hour of solace.. Either go for a walk, or do whatever makes u happy. 1 hour of the day should be just yours.
– Kriti Sharma Gupta

I had the same problem. Time is the only healer for this problem. People may ask you to do many things but I’m sure you will never have time to do them. I can only say try to get proper sleep and eat your favourite food because if you eat healthy and sleep healthy you will be happy.
-Puja Verma Saxena

Relax! Take a deep breath,calm your mind..We all know that our babies has thier own way of troubling mom/dad….but end of the day.Smile and laughters pays it all!
-Mae Flores

We are indeed travelling in the same boat! I will tell youy that one thing that always works for me, whenever you are getting angry and frustrated with the situation..raise an SOS! What I mean ask for someone to help you..handover the kids to whosoever is there at home..take a 15 min break..go to your room.Listen to some music…sip some warm water..and just me you will be back in your super mom role within minutes…
– Ruchika Arora Kumar

No pain, no gain! First thing you need to do is set your mind that you can mangae both your babies. That cofidence will give you strength to handle your babies and go to sleep whenever u get time. Your first baby is a 3 yr old, so an option is to enrol the older one in a playgroup for a few hours so that you can spend time with second child as well as finish your chores at home. When both the children are at home try to entertain them with rhymes, songs, toys etc, and teach ur first child to play with your second child , and if possible take help from ur husband. You have managed to raise your first child for 3 years and it sure will be easy for you to manage your second one too!
-Rajitha Bhupalam

Mom and BabyBuilding patience levels can help. Try to think positive, stay stress free, eat healthy, involve the elder kid at tiny tasks, ask your partner to take over when available, try yoga or meditation, exercise and outdoor walk should also help. Drink lots of water. It’s time to get practical and think of oneself too. Have attainable goals towards motherhood ( who wants to be a supermom anyways??!!!!). Happy parenting!

– Rachana Pradeep

I know it is difficult, but if do not curb your frustration it will difficult to cope with both the kids, I feel the elder one has to be given more attention so he shouldnt feel neglected when the baby is sleeping. Try to eat well and sleep is also very imp. Involve the elder one to help u when you are with the baby. You can do thinks for both of them together, like giving them a bath, putting them to sleep. You have to be affectionate, loving and caring towards the elder one because he understands a little more than the two month old. This will surely ease your problem.
– Shama Desai

When I get frustrated and upset, I just leave everything i am doing. I take a quite moment to look at the pictures clicked during the pregnancy and relive my emotions of longing to hold my baby. I feel instant happiness and want to go cuddle my little one and make everything right for her.

I have found my catalyst, you need to find yours.
-Heena Shah-Dhedhi

As a second time new mom, I’d first suggest, GET HELP. Do not try to do every thing by yourself. Your priority should be your baby and yourself. Everything and everyone else can take care of themselves. When things get out of hand, just remove yourself from the scene for a few moments, take slow deep breaths and then get work.
-Pramilla Kulkarni

30 Healthy Pregnancy Secrets from Being a blessed mom of 6 month old angel, I can say this from my experience that, if a baby is cranky and crying or restless, it shows baby has some discomfort that she cannot express and trusts her mom to understand and resolve for her.It is not easy to be a Mom, work load multiples, sleepless nights etc. It is definitely exhausting, but you are your baby’s only hope that my mom is there for me always and that should keep you going!! Get the help of others to complete other tasks so that you are there for baby in the best of moods and spirit whenever she needs you.
-Shikha Paul

My daughter Simran is now 3 n half yrs old and I can very well understand the problems that a new mom faces. Instead of getting depressed, just try to relax. Things will gradually fall in place. Just calm down,relax and give the first preference to your baby and yourself. Have someone help you if it is possible. As the time passes everythng falls in its place!I’m saying frpm my own just chill
-Neha Sharma


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