Coping with frustrations as a new mom

As a new mom, it is but natural for most of us to get overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the responsibilty of looking after a baby. While some women take to this role perfectly well, there are some who could go through a range of emotions trying to figure out how to do things right.

At the start, let me tell you, being a new mom comes with its own set of fears and apprehension. Questions like ” Am I being a good mom?” to “Why can I not understand what my baby wants?” or “Why am I getting so frustrated” are perfectly normal.Frustrations can stem up due to various reasons, some of the most common reasons for frustration are:

1. Lack of help
2. A feeling of helplessness
3. Lack of rest
4. Having an older child and a new baby
5. A feeling of not being a “good mom”

As a mom to twins, my initial thoughts of being that perfect mom went right out of the window. Endless rounds of diaper changing, feeding, bathing, cleaning, rocking them to sleep, being up at nights took its toll on me. I was not attempting at being a super mom, but like most moms, I wanted to do *everything* on my own, till one day, I knew if I did this on my own for one more day, I’d probably break down. And that is when my mom-in-law came over and tool charge of the entire situation and my frustrations. While she managed one of the boys, I managed the other one. Things were streamlined and by the time she left a good two months, I was rejuvenated and ready to handle the boys on my own once again.

The best way to deal with a frustration is to accept it and look at ways and solutions to overcome it. While some may work and some may not, here is a list of some tips that you could follow if you feel that you are heading towards frustration.


Ask for help

If you are not in a nuclear family, half your problems are solved! Ask someone to take care of your baby while you catch up on some chores that need to be finished or better still, a power nap. It helps! Don’t hesitate to ask for help, it is not going to reflect your abilities as a mom.
If you are in a nuclear set up, have someone come over and stay with you for a while or hire a nanny. Most agencies provide these services, but you will need to carry out a thorough check of the person you would want to stay with you at home.

Click here to read more about things to keep in mind when hiring a nanny.


Take adequate rest

Catch a few winks of sleep when your little one sleeps too. You need adequate rest to be able to manage all the chores and the baby too! Lack of sleep or rest can leave you irritable or angry. If you don’t want to sleep, just sit back and relax for a few minutes. Taking those small breaks will help you recharge and rejuvenate.


Be confident of your abilities as a mother

As a new mom, you will be flooded with advices with what is good for you and what is not. Soak in as much as you can and what you should. Most importantly, you need to be confident about yourself as a mother. Be a good decision maker and stand by the decisions you take, whether it is ways to breastfeed your little or soothe a cloicky infant. Infact in this phase, it is important for you to interact with other new mums so that you can discuss things with each other.


Do things that you love!

Indulge in something that you like to do. A cup of hot tea or maybe read your favourite book or listen to some music. You need to have adequate rest to function all through the day. Practice yoga or meditation after consulting your doctor. Meditation and yoga help you gain positive thoughts and affirmations.


Get a routine and stick with it

Plugging in a routine as soon as you can will help you a great deal! It will make your day organised and comfortable for you and your baby. Once you start a schedule, stick to it. It will help your baby recognize and follow the schedule. Set a schedule for napping, bathing, feeding and playtime. Did you know you can start creating a schedule for your baby as soon as it is two months old? Click here for some tips on creating a schedule.

These are somethings that I could think of. How did you deal with your frustrations?


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