Top 10 Board Games To Play With Your Little One

Love playing with your little one but want to get the entire family involved? We give you a list of the top 10 board games that the entire family can play, with some cheating when your little one is involved if the game is not entirely age-ready for your kid. Get one home and enjoy!

  1. UNO: This is one of the most popular games that families love to play. Not a typical card game, this one will let your little one grasp the concept of colour and numbers, till the time they actually learn to play. Ideal for 2 and above.
  2. Life: A fun kid/family game that tells your child about the importance of decision-making in life. Questions likes, will you study, will you go to college, what will happen if you do or don’t will take players through different modes in the game. A fun way to show your kids the way of life. Ideal for 4 and above.
  3. Puzzle Games: There are many board puzzles that will let your child develop vocabulary, memory skills and creative thinking. Ideal for 2 and above.
  4. Tell-A-Story Game: Get a story-jigsaw game that will let your child build a story, step-by-step. Ideal for age 3 and above.
  5. Scrabble: Your little one won’t learn all spellings at one go, but this is a fun way to introduce spellings to your little one and help them learn as they grow. Ideal age 4 and above.
  6. Find The Difference: This is a fun board game that will sharpen your child’s observing skills and let them spot the difference between two similar pictures. Ideal age 3 and above.
  7. Baby Animals: This fun board game will teach your baby the names of animals and their babies. Ideal age 3 and above.
  8. Memory Game: A stack of thick cards that come with picture pairs. Playing will sharpen your child’s memory and observation powers. Ideal age 3 and above.
  9. Monopoly: Your child won’t immediately learn the tricks and tips of this one, but an early introduction to Monopoly will give your little one a lesson in the importance of money and decisions. Get one in a kid edition. Ideal for 4 and above.
  10. Family Game Stack: Get one of those family game packs that come with the classic games like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Candy Land and some more.


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