What Toys To Carry While Traveling With Your Little One

Planning that big trip with your little one? Well, having a baby in the car will be quite a lot of fun, we can assure you that, but as with a little one, there will be many instances when your baby may be uncomfortable, bored, or plain cranky, and these are the times you need to be prepared for, to make the trip fun and memorable. Here are the top ten toys you can easily carry along while traveling by road/air with your little one. Read on:

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is to carry toys that you know baby already loves and spends a lot of time with, especially those with which baby has an emotional attachment
  2. Carry a comfort toy. If your baby has a toy which is a sleep toy, ex. a sleep-time teddy, make sure you carry that along
  3. Get some new toys to surprise baby and make them excited
  4. If traveling by car, carry lots of buckle-up toys, ones that you can attach to baby’s car seat, or at the hold-rail of the car door
  5. A doodle-draw pad is something that most babies and even toddlers love. Get one that is small and portable, and can easily fit in the baby bag. This is an ideal toy for road/air travel
  6. Rattles for your little baby.
  7. Carry a few board books / voice books/musical books that your little one as well as toddler can read along easily.
  8. Travel jigsaw puzzles are ideal for babies of all ages. Get one that is appropriate for your little one. For younger babies, get ones with fewer pieces and ones that are easy to grasp. For toddlers and a little older babies, get ones that come in different fun and educational modes.
  9. Sticker activity books are great for a little older babies
  10. Carry along a small battery-operated toy, like a toy phone, educational laptop, or some fun toy that lights up and has features like sound, rhymes, voice alphabets and all. This is an ideal toy to carry in the car, but may not be suitable if traveling by air, as you will need to remove the batteries before boarding.

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  1. Awesome post. Every parents who are travelling with kid should carry toys and some snacks. So that kid also enjoy the trip. I would like to share one great source of travel ideas i.e http://besttravelideas.tumblr.com/

  2. Gema Crasto: Many thanks 🙂

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