Things to carry when travelling with a baby

The first time I travelled with my twins in tow, I packed almost everything I could lay my hands on. I was not sure what was required and what was not. I made a list of what was in which suitcase diligently, but I forgot to carry that list when I actually travelled. Luckily, it was an eight hour drive by the car and the boys slept peacefully most of the time, so I was saved.

I’ve made a list of things that you can require when you travel by car/train or flight. The list we have provided is for a baby less than a year. We recommend that you invest in a nice diaper bag that can accommodate quite a lot of your stuff. You could also opt for a mini suitcase for your child that can be kept in overhead baggage (if in a flight) or under the seat in the train.

Onesies & Rompers - Mothercare - Romper (New Born)Extra clothes – Pack 2-3 pairs of clothes. Just in case the kids soil the clothes or get them dirty, you will always have an extra set of clothes or two.
6-12 sterilized teats that can be changed after every feed.
If you can manage to buy the plastic drop-ins that are used in feeding bottles, it can be very useful. You will need to clean just the outer cover and ring with soap and water (no sterilization required). Carry at least two dozens of drop-ins.
Baby Wipes - Pampers - Baby Wipes6-12 diapers and a packet of wet wipes
A bottle brush for washing rings and feeding bottles.
Dishes & Utensils - Powdered Formula DispenserTwo bottles mineral water to wash the bottles after use.
Buy a Baby Formula Feed Dispenser – This plastic box which has three or four compartments that allows you to store the specific quantity of the formula feed. You can just use each box to pour out the already measured feed.
Baby Rattles - Chicco - Twist & Turn RattleIf your baby is eating, then carry some finger food that your baby likes.
Carry the baby’s favourite toys like rattles or musical toys.
Take the stroller or baby carry on which can be strapped like a kangaroo pouch so that it will be convenient while walking.
If you are travelling in a flight, keep a light jacket and blanket for the baby as the interior of the aircraft will be cooler.

Health & Baby Care - Disney - Ariel Hand Sanitizer
Keep hand sanitizers to use before you prepare a feed.
Keep cotton balls and a bottle of water for the baby to sip from during the landing and take offs to reduce the ear pressure.


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