Introducing water to an infant

Coping with a fussy child is every mom’s nightmare. We’ve had so many moms writing in to us with queries on how to convince their kids to do something. One such mom, Jyoti Pandab wrote in to us with a query that her 9 month old son refuses to drink water. She has tried everything and her little one refuses to relent.

Before we share what the other moms said, we need to let you know that most pediatricians recommend that a baby should be introduced to water when they are over 6 months. If the baby is being breastfed, you can delay the consumption of water by a month or two because there is enough water in the breast milk for the baby. for babies over 6 months old, you will need to check with their pediatrician about how much water can be given to them.

And here is what moms had to tell Jyoti whose 9 month old son refuses to drink water.

Try giving water by adding sugar n pinch of salt in it..:)

– Tanvi Nigam

You can also try adding a little bit of roohafza or rose syrup.

– Arti S. Peter

You could buy colorful and attractive sippers for him to drink water from. Let him choose one for himself from the store. Alternatively start with coconut water and dal soups which are good for your baby. 

– Pratibha Pal

Try water with some sugar….give water in feeding bottle at nite when is he very sleepy, this way he will get the required amount and he will also not know what he is actually drinking.

– Suvrata Kamath

Try giving water in form of sharbat.. add a little rose or ny flavour..or try giving warm water..

– Chandni Monga

Try giving water in a small sippers and drink along with him from your glass. you can try buttermilk/lassi or similar substitues which have plenty water content.

– Rashmi Agrawal

You could try fresh juice and try even little fruit milk shakes with little honey/sugar… you could also try half milk /half water…. may be the milk is very thick. Try diluting it like this your baby will both water and milk..Plz check with your doctor before you could try out flavoring milk/water. I gave my daughter lot of homemade soups like Vegetable Soup, carrot soup, tomato soup.

– Harsha Rajiv

I got colorful sippers for my baby; I fill them up and lay them all in front of him. He picks one of them and drinks some water, spills some and then drinks some more. :)). A lot of cleaning work there, but at least he drinks water.

– Ridhi Dandona

Try diluting fruit juice into water 2:10 ratio, apple juice is the best for his age right now. Then later on u can give orange. Make sure to read the label and get the 100% juice with no added sugar though.

– Nancy Denola Khan

The only solution to this problem is to provide water through other sources. You can increase the water intake in your baby’s diet which would provide adequate water to his body! Try giving ur baby soup, liquid pulses etc.

– Deepika Kushwaha


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