Choosing The Right Toys For Your Little One

Yes, we never run out of our love for toys, do we? So whether it was our childhood when we went crazy about our favourite ones, or now, as parents, when we visit the toy store and can’t help look around with awe and excitement.
The markets today are flooded with toys of all shapes and sizes, with different budget brackets, with varying pros and cons. But here are a few things we should keep in mind while choosing the right toy for your little one in any age. Read on:

Fun Factor: Well, there may be many kinds of toys available in the market, toys that help in your little one’s educational and other development, but if it’s not fun and fails to engage your baby’s interest, chances are, it may be ignored and soon forgotten. Make sure the toy has enough fun-factor to be your child’s favourite toy for a good amount of time.


Age Appropriate: That beautiful doll may be just perfect for your little doll, or that block set may be wonderful for your boy, but if it does not match the age that’s specified on the box, stay away till your kid reaches the age. Many toys come with small parts that pose big choking hazards and are best kept away from little ones.

Buy What Is Needed: There will be many occasions when you are tempted to pick up that toy, and your baby too will ask for toys each time you visit the toy store/mall. But in the end, you’re the best judge to understand what is needed and what is not. If your baby already has an excess of toys, there is really no sense in picking up a similar toy that may soon be sent to the pile. Instead, get something different.


Stimulate and Engage: Your child’s toy is not just a toy; it’s a tool that will help your child’s growth and development, helping them achieve milestones, develop skills and increase their curiosity, engaging them, letting them explore and create, honing their creativity and helping them take decisions and responsibilities.


Learn To Say No: Toys that encourage violence and can harm others are a strict NO. Your child’s friend may have a similar toy, but that is no reason to get one too. Babies and children can’t resist toys, but as a grown-up and as a parent, you’re the one who should learn to say a firm NO and stick to it.

Branding: Yes, it’s important that you check the brand before giving it to a baby. This does not mean that toys of a smaller brand are not always good, but it’s always safe to make sure the brand is a reputed one, and that the products under the brand have not gone for a product-recall.


Light and Easy To Play With: Your little one may have taken a liking to a certain toy, but if it’s heavy and difficult to play with, try and avoid. A heavy toy may hurt a child, and those that are too complicated and difficult to play with may soon lose interest with your baby.

Decide For Yourself: Sales, advertisements and friends may make your little one want a specific toy, but don’t be fooled with what the brands are saying. You are the best judge of what is good for your baby and what to stay away from, so make sure you check for yourself first.


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