How to Choose a Bathing Tub for Your Baby

Bathing is essential, even for newborns and it becomes easy while your baby is supported. The kind of equipment’s used to bathe babies range from bath mats, bath supports, bath chairs and bath buckets to bath seats and bath tubs. Having the right equipment to bathe your baby ensures that your baby is safe and does not slip off until the bath is finished.

Bath buckets, bath seats and supports are ideal for a new born baby to bathe in. Choose one that comes with a backrest and headrest because it allows your baby to relax. Most of these are available in various shapes and sizes.  Quite handy and mobile, such bathing accessories are essential for those who have wiggly babies. As a matter of fact, once your baby’s motor skills develop and they eventually turn over or progress into crawling, a bathing accessory like the tub is ideal.

Tubs – What Works for Your Baby

Baby bathing tubs come with anti-slip bottoms and can be placed on any surface. They are contoured to offer great comfort while your baby enjoys the bath. With a variety of options to choose from such as foldable tubs, tubs with slings, hard plastic tubs, inflatable tubs, etc, bath tubs are a great choice. Some bath tubs come with rinse hoses that can be attached to water faucets in your sink. Some are available with mesh slings that let your baby recline while bathing. Moreover, tubs are great to put bath toys to keep your baby occupied while you bathe your little one.

The best is to opt for the plastic sturdy tubs and bath sponges  that prevent bumps and could fit it into even an adult bath tub.

Ease Your Back – Say No to Leaning Over

Alternatively, you could use bath tub stands to place the tubs and bathe your baby both outdoors and indoors. The tubs can be raised to any height, and some tub stands come with preset heights without having to place a tub over it. It will be great fun to bathe your baby outside in a not so sunny area such as a balcony, during summer months. Holding your baby in a comfortable elevated position will ease your strain without aching your back.

Things to Consider – Before Buying and While Using

Before buying a baby bathing tub, ensure that the quality of material used is good. Go for durable and sturdy ones. Buy the sleek ones that can be folded and do not take a lot of room to store. It is important to choose a safe and comfortable spot to use the tub to bathe the baby. Furthermore, never leave your baby unattended while on a bath equipment.

Understand that bathing is essential for your baby’s health and a wonderful bath can relax your baby and induce a good sleep. As your baby relaxes, you will have more time to scrub up all the dirt and muck from your little one’s tender body.


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