Monsoon Dressing

Though we all look forward to the cool monsoon months after the scorching heat, more often than not, the season brings its share of  infections that end up making our little ones sick. Since the monsoon brings a sudden change in temperature, it’s crucial that your baby is dressed properly to adjust to the cold as well as the humidity that the rains bring.

What to Make Your Little One Wear:

Loose cotton clothes

If it’s hot and humid, choose only loose cotton clothes for baby to wear during the day. This will give baby’s skin enough room to breathe. Tight dresses will make your baby uncomfortable and make movement restricted Make sure that your little one is properly covered at all times. At night if the weather gets cold, go for night-suits that are roomy yet full-length. Use a cardigan or sweater if temperatures drop further. Make your baby wear  cotton socks. If it gets wet, change immediately. Do not let baby wear anything that is wet or damp as this will lead to fungal infections. If the temperatures are cold and your baby is comfortable in woollens, make sure you check regularly to see that your baby is not sweating, as some babies tend to sweat inside woollens. Keep extra underclothes for your baby to wear during the rains. If your baby is in cloth diapers, chances of wetting the dress are more. Always keep some extra cloth-diapers and dresses  ready.

Using totally dried clothes

Monsoon means longer time to dry your washed dresses.  Make sure that baby does not wear partially dried clothes, as this will lead to fungal infections. Ensure that baby’s inner wear are made out of cotton. Do not use plastic underclothes as this  will irritate baby’s soft skin and cause rashes. While storing clothes inside the cupboards, take them out every one or two days or whenever the weather is a little sunny and dry them properly. This will help avoid clothes getting damp and moldy.

When you step out

If you’re going out with baby, use  a cotton cardigan and well-fitting shoes. Rubber and vinyl rain shoes and flip flops work best during these months. You can also get skid proof shoes that reduce the chances of slipping and falling. Go for shoes that are covered properly. Make sure that your baby wears socks or shoes at home. If your little one catches a cold or gets a fever, wrap properly in a quilt or blanket, but make sure baby is comfortable and not sweating profusely. Try and dress your baby in cottons if your baby is less than a year old, as, newborns and very small babies are susceptible to illnesses and rashes and cotton dresses are the best choice for them during monsoons.

Using the right rainwear

Use a rain coat or an umbrella while stepping out in the rain, and once used, make sure it’s dried properly. Carry a few extra dresses and undergarments to change in case the  clothes get wet.

Foot Care for Toddlers

Now that your baby is capable of cruising or walking, make him wear a pair of sandals or shoes with non-skid soles. Do not make them wear booties as it might cause them to slip. For stepping out, choose a pair of shoes with vinyl-coated canvas exterior. This will keep them stay warm and dry all the time. For toddlers who are over 24 months, sandals are good choices for home. Rubber shoes, rubber sandals  and gumboots  are the best for monsoon. These can well protect your child’s little feet and are available in a wide range of colours.

Apart from that, floaters and slip-ons are ideal to wear at home or for a casual outing. You get cute pair of slip-ons for girls  and funky slip-ons for boys . Do not let them wear slippers or shoes without a good grip. Offer only the ones with a sturdy sole that can let your little one walk steadily and stably on a wet road. Older kids can wear a pair of flip flops at home.


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