Tips to stop a child from crying

Most parents have faced this issue at some point of time. A crying child. Most crying children create a lot of anxiety for the parents because they have no idea why the child is crying. For a new born baby, crying is a way to indicate many things: a soiled diaper, hunger, sleepiness, fatigue, a tummy ache, the list is endless. When a toddler cries without a reason, it can amount to frustration at times. At a recent party, my twin boys were introduced to a toddler younger to them by a year. As the”tiresome three” twins, they are always in their element and with each other for company, they have loads of fun. The younger boy was intimidated by their presence simply because he was not a part of their games and also because he never had seen kids older than him. The two hours that we spent, we had to put up with the constant crying of the little boy. Nothing made him stop and his mother was visibly at the end of her patience.

When your child cries continuously what do you do?  We asked and lots of moms wrote in to us. Here are some interesting tips that we got from moms who wrote in to us to soothe a crying child.

Leah Lanojan SodhiMy son would stop crying whenever I say “If you want a mommy hug, you must stop crying”. He usually stopS and I give him a tight hug… that works for me and my son.
– Leah Lanojan Sodhi

Take a recording(audio) of the child’s crying for sometime and play it b4 the child, make sure the child hears it. It’ll definitely stops crying, its scientifically proved.
Profile picture-Altab Baseimayum

The child needs attention, if he is crying. Dote on him or divert his attention….Look if there’s sumthng which needs immediate attention.
-Reeti Mandan

Profile pictureDiverting attention definitely works!depending on what is liked by your,stories,block building.
-Aparna Singh Shekhawat 

I just play his favourite songs and dance… he automatically stops crying n joins me…. 🙂

– Manali Salvi Patil

Appasamy PradeepGive them a glass of water and it works! Attend to them as soon as they cry. This will reassure them that you are there for them and comfort them. Crying is a form of getting things done, so when are child is crying… Its a mere sign that they want to do things in their way. Let them be free to do what they want as long as it doesn’t matter much. Otherwise, gradually try and convince them to do what you want them to do and why it is important for them ( like narrate a story like why school is important and make believe)
– Appasamy Pradeep

You should ignore your child completely at that time and the moment she stops crying give her a hug, never give in to any of their demands. When you show your attention to your crying child, she will just go on and on.You need to be strong enough to ignore the crying.
– Farzeen Ahmed Sayed

Profile picture

Swaddling, carrying him in my arms, gently rocking, taking a stroll definitely works for my baby.
– Jayashankari Pradeep

Profile pictureWhat I normally do is sing a bhajan/soothing song aur gayatri mantra for my son…I read the magical effects of Gayatri mantra during my preg days and have been singing it to him daily since then 🙂

– Garima Gulati Bhutani

Well I have twin daughters who will soon turn one.
Profile pictureWhen they used to cry I used to try the following
1. Maybe put something sweet on their tongue like sugar powder a little bit or buiscuits
2. I used to go in front of the god in the pooja room and and make sure the baby sees god
3. Show them different color lights
4. Open your closet and show various color clothes
5. I used to give a small bell with a very soothing sound in her hand.

Again the factor depends on why the child has been crying
Hope this helps.
-Kiran Doshi


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