Things to Look for in a Day Care

Getting yourself and your child prepared for a day care is a dreadful situationsomething that most parents deal with in different ways.  When moms need to get back to work and there is a lack of a joint family set up, most parents opt for a day care. The first time you drop your kid off at the day care and hear those wails wanting to come back to you can be painful, but you need to be strong willed. Parting with is not easy at an early stage. However, for working parents who cannot have a parent or a nanny to look after their children, day care is the one-stop solution.

With many childcare options, you will have to decide whether you have a childminder or a crèche in mind. To assure that you have taken the right childcare decision, a few factors must be taken into consideration.  We’ve listed a couple for you:

Nearness Proximity to Home or Office

It is best to find a childcare close to your home or office. One close to your office is best, as you can make it there quickly in case of an emergency. However, your child might like to travel less. So having a day care close to your home lets you and your child start the day relaxed.

Adult to Child Ratio

A toddler does not require as much attention as that of a baby. Toddlers tend to spend time playing with the other children in the day care and most of the day care centres appoint at least one nanny for a maximum of three kids. and one or two carers can mind a group of 10 to 15 toddlers. However, for every twothree babies, there should be at leat one nanny. one carer. Leaving your child with a childminder will be a good idea as the chances of getting proper attention and care are high.

Childcare Reputation and Staff

Child carers must have the qualification and experience to look after a group of children. Talk to them and understand how they consider child care as a profession. Some might take it up for the sake of having a job. Look for a childcare with a good reputation. Ask for references and talk to their existing clients. You can meet parents during pickup time and see what they have to say about the care. If you have friends, co workersco-workers or a relative to recommend a child care or a childminder, go for it.

Childcare Environment

Your child must be in a welcoming and healthy atmosphere where he can indulge in activities that stimulate his development. The day care must offer a hygienic atmosphere with clean toilets and space indoors and outdoors. If the childcare provides meal plans, check if it is prepared in a hygienic manner and that they offer age-appropriate nutritious food. Check if they have a doctor on call in case of any emergencies.

Operating Hours and Policies

Most day care centres have fixed working hours. This might be stressful for a working parent. It is important to look for the one with flexible operating hours. The childcare’s approach to a sick child is also important. Those with strict sick-child policies are the best. Keeping sick children away from the childcare ensures that your child is safe. Similarly while your child is sick, you must keep him away. Look for a childcare that encourages you to make unannounced visits. A childcare with no open-door policy and stops parents from visiting might not be a genuine one. The rules must be well organized and followed. A good day care centre must provide you with a written copy of its rules and policies.

Activities to Stimulate Child Development

Check if the day care holds enough toys, play arena, books and activities that your child’s age demands. The best day care must offer schedules that offer enough play time, quiet time, sleep time, free time etc. A well-designed curriculum must have enough activities and programs to stimulate your child’s development and create fun. If the curriculum involves playing videos, ensure they are age-appropriate and educational.


A lot of day cares these days operate without the authorization from government. Check the day care centre’s registration and license papers. However, having a license does not guarantee quality care for your child. Leaving your child with a childminder is the best option if you cannot hire a maid or nanny. Childminders might have kids of the same age group and could give your child plenty of attention. Before choosing, check the criminal records of the childminder and his or her family members. Another advantage of having a childminder is the flexible working hours. However, before leaving your child at a day care, you must have a backup plan in place, in case your child falls sick.

As a working mother a lot of questions about the childcare will go through your mind. It is absolutely normal for your child to take some time to adapt to the new atmosphere. You will take your time too, to stop worrying about whether the cares caters to your child’s needs. You will soon see that your child loves to hang out with her new friends and carers.


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