Easy ways to Potty Train your child

Raising a kid is not an easy job! You have to go through so many phases once your baby is born. From the time the baby learns to sit by itself, you see him or her crossing major milestones like learning to crawl, and then walk. Potty training is one such achievement you wish for, once they are in their toddler phase. Most kids are ready to be potty trained by the time they are two. By this age they can control the bowel movement and can signal to you if they want to go to the bathroom.

There are some cues that you need to keep a look out for when you are ready to potty train your child:

  • Is your child following basic instructions that you give him/her?
  • Is he comfortable sitting in the potty?
  • Is he ready to understand the concept of pulling down his pants when he has the urge to go to the bathroom?

If you have answered yes to any or all of these, then your kid is ready to be potty trained!

But then there is that niggling question…HOW?

Here are some tips that we have compiled from moms and you can try something that can work for you.

Amanpreet Bawa

“Potty training is achieved best when the child is about two years old. It could take almost two weeks of persuasion of getting your child to achieve the basics of potty training!  Make him sit on a baby potty as soon as the child wakes up from sleep..  This surely helps.” – Amanpreet Bawa 


Um Mahir“I did not try much with my second son because he would watch his elder brother going to the bathroom. He was excited about it as it seemed like an adult action to him. But the real issue was that he was not ready to give up on the diapers or indicate his willingness to go to the bathroom.  After a while it was just his own decision when he started using d bathroom. The night potty training is a hard task!  You need to accept that kids are not willing to be trained till they are ready on their own.” – Um Mahir


Profile picture“Instead of baby pot, buy a WC kids’ seat. Whenever the toddler signals to do or has already done potty, do make him sit on the seat for few minutes. Gradually, your child will understand what they are supposed to do.”  –Pragati Jain Bansal 


“I’m a mom to twin boys who wanted everything different. At point of time we had three potties and two potty seats at home because the boys fancied it. We did everything to get them go to the loo. But they did not want to listen. Finally when one of them started going to the bathroom, the other one followed suit. We realised that no amount of threatening or cajoling would work. When they were ready, everything just fell in place.” – Pratibha Pal


I started taking my daughter to the washroom at regular intervals when she was around 7 months. We never used to put her in a diaper at home, and would always take her to the washroom, trying to maintain a routine as well. I also tried to make it fun for her to see the potty seat, made it into a kind of hide-and-seek game, and she would herself want to come and sit on the same. Once she sat down, I tried that she could relieve herself. Slowly, the routine got built and she was potty trained before she turned two. – Debolina Raja Gupta


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  1. This information is really very helpful for me who is a mom for a 11m baby.

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